PHONE NUMBER: (416) 393-0564

GRADE RANGE: 11 to 12

SEED Alternative School's Mission Statement

SEED is a warm, dynamic space that promotes student capacity and optimizes learning potential. Our unique space fosters inclusion while celebrating individuality. Our academic focus is on University and College preparation with extensive offerings in Mathematics, Science, Technologies, Visual Arts and Progressive Humanities. Established in 1968, SEED is founded on the Summerhill model with an emphasis on catalytic and constructivist principles. Democratic, relational and student-centred, SEED imbeds transferable skills that support ongoing student learning. By providing students opportunities to direct their own learning and address their individual needs, SEED promotes autonomy of thinking and independent thought.

SEED fosters engagement and responsibility within the community by encouraging student input not only within the class but also on issues concerning school policy and procedure.
We Offer:
  • Grade 11 and 12 university level semestered curriculum
  • Innovative courses 
  • Art courses: such as modern and classical painting, sculpture, video and drama
  • A flexible, accepting and non-authoritarian atmosphere
  • The chance to think beyond the textbook

Our Learning Environment:

  • Small learning spaces
  • Student lounge, kitchen and computer lab
  • Spacious Art Room and Gallery with skylights
  • Weekly staff/student meetings
  • Distinctive timetable with long and short classes


We would hope that those who study the sciences at SEED leave us with a better appreciation of how and why our activities impact our planetary ecosystem: You will be able to gain this type of knowledge 
not only by becoming more familiar with the better known pre-20th.C. type of scientific knowledge, but also via exposure to lesser known modern knowledge . You will also learn how science's understanding of 'reality' has moved far away from the Newtonian material realism model and, indeed, how the scientific model itself has its own limitations and caveats.

More Information About SEED Alternative School


Whether or not you are interested in mathematics,we'd expect that you will have become more interested and knowledgeable by the time you finish your course:The concepts are linked and built cumulatively so that relevant equations aren't just disconnected formulas and,for those who want to be better prepared for post-secondary studies, we'll go beyond the curriculum.

Englishes, Social Sciences and the Humanities

Students have an opportunity to explore personal interests in these courses. Topics for independent study are self-selected and explored and shared in a meaningful way according to student expertise. Self-directed learning is encouraged through self-selection of texts. Students have an opportunity to design course content and projects for evaluation.


SEED's art students are given projects in which to learn the language of design & composition and the fundamentals of how to use materials, while having the freedom to create highly personal and meaningful work. Our large halogen-lit art Gallery is dedicated to year round displays of student work and is the central hub of the school.

The SEED alternative school difference

SEED is a small school with a flexible timetable where students have many opportunities to create and foster a very strong and supportive community by sharing their interests and mentoring each other, not only at the regular community meetings but also throughout the rest of the week. SEED is where teachers are able to mentor those students who need extra help.

Additional Features

  • High academic standards
  • Food Programme
  • Supportive School Council
  • University/college feel
  • Friendly Community
  • Pleasant school space
  • Small classes
  • School Art Gallery

Student Life - Where You Belong


We encourage student leadership in social activities, particularly in planning and organizing our traditional SEED Feast which brings together staff and students in the Gallery space in a pot luck dinner, followed by music/ poetry readings/ monologues/ dramatic and video presentations - all of which showcase the range of talent and ability throughout the school community.
Enjoy our student lounge where you may relax, read, study, discuss issues or use the adjoining computer lab. Share in the planning, organization and maintenance of our Nutrition programme. Play ping pong at lunch or after school. Enjoy our informal sports games, perhaps baseball or soccer, as we compete with other Alternative schools in the city.
Participate in the timetabled and weekly Community Lunch meeting where we discuss, plan and vote on various school activities and policies and occasionaly hear guest speakers.


- Four Core Values at SEED: -
**Personal Growth and Expression - We encourage diversity, self-awareness and open expression in a climate of mutual respect and support.
**Innovation and Creativity - We foster innovative, creative and critical thinking and regard for a multitude of perspectives.
**Community and Democracy - We encourage students in decision-making and taking responsibility for those decisions, not only in class but also in the school community as a whole.
 **Meaningful Standards of Achievement - We encourage students to build on their strengths through inclusive and interesting curriculum.


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