PHONE NUMBER: (416) 393-1455

GRADE RANGE: 10 to 12

Contact Alternative School's Mission Statement

Grades: 10-12
Approx. Enrolment: 183

Contact School is a full-time academic alternative secondary school. We serve youth who have left high school and now want to return or students who are attending another secondary school but feel they could benefit from a different kind of program. We feature an emphasis on social justice and community. Class size ranges from 8-15 students and we have a free lunch program where students help prepare lunch and clean up. Daily attendance is required. We have an excellent, flexible co-op program to help you achieve credits.

Our Mission

At Contact we work hard to provide a safe place for learning which is both welcoming and inclusive. We believe strongly that every person has something to offer if they are shown patience and respect. The fundamental value of our school is social justice: living and learning in a community of mutual respect.

More Information About Contact Alternative School

History and Purpose

Contact School was founded in 1973 to give a "second chance" to students who have - for whatever reason - felt disengaged from going to school. We exist to offer students a chance to "reconnect" with a school community and thereby, to achieve success. We currently have capacity for 170 students with 12 teaching staff.

Courses and Credits

We offer a full range of courses from grades 10-12 with an emphasis on applied at the junior level and college courses at the senior level. We have a varied range of courses in the arts and the humanities within the restriction of our small staff. Grade 12 courses are run as full semester courses. Grade 10 and 11 courses are scheduled as half credits.

Monitoring Success

At Contact we follow up closely on student commiment to success. We assess attendance, work and behaviour on an ongoing basis and have instituted a variety of contracts and incentives to encourage improvement. We produce formal reports four times a year. Credit rescue and credit recovery are valuable tools that we use for helping students reclaim credits.  


There are many supports for struggling students. Often the challenges lie beyond the school; thus we have strong supports in our caring teachers, social workers, guidance counsellors and our youth counsellor. Our experience is that students will often find success when they have help sorting out their immediate  and basic needs. 

Additional Features

  • Close to St. Patrick Subway Station
  • Isthmus Take-Home Food Program
  • Community Police Liaison

Student Life - Where You Belong


We provide a caring, supportive environment and help students re-engage and find success. Students are expected to take responsibility for their education and to join together to build a community that encourages respect, growth and academic success. All students participate in our weekly meeting and, on a rotating basis, in the nutrition program which provides a healthy lunch daily.
Students can take leadership roles in many ways. They can help plan trips, special programs and workshops, events and after school activities. 
We welcome ideas and suggestions for increasing the spirit of the school. Contact is most vibrant when students are engaged in school life as well as achieving credits towards graduation.


At Contact we strongly believe that every person is a valued member of our school community. We each have different talents; we each have a different story to tell; we may each have a different view of the world; but none of these makes us better than another. 


We have a special relationship with our neighbour, The Art Gallery of Ontario. Students benefit from this close relationship by frequent access to the galleries and many special exhibits.
Contact is fortunate to have the use of the gym at University Settlement Recreation Centre, just around the corner from the school. 
We often have student nurses doing their placements at Contact School. They bring new initiatives for healthy living to our students.