PHONE NUMBER: (416) 393-0560

GRADE RANGE: 10 to 12

Inglenook Community School's Mission Statement

Grades: 10-12
Approx. Enrolment: 81

Inglenook is a small, friendly alternative community high school with a family-like atmosphere.  Inglenook offers Grade 10, 11 & 12 programs which includes courses that allow for a wide range of post-secondary planning destinations.  The school is very community-focused: teachers, parents, and students are all involved in school decision-making. Inglenook offers a special program called Outreach, which takes place every Wednesday afternoon.

Heart of the City:  Because of our location, teachers use the rich resources of the city, such as art galleries, museums, radio stations, movie theatres, the Ontario Science Centre, and a host of other educational sites. All courses invite active student participation, and both teachers and students find the often passionate debates in courses to be intellectually stimulating.
IngleCulture: Inglenook offers students an enriched educational environment including such events and projects as our Art Gallery, Gardening, Poetry Day, Annual Conference, Talent nights, theatre excursions, school trips, and Drama productions.
Visual Art Literacy:  We live in a visual world of images.  Every course will explore a unit through visual arts.  

Inglenook Community

Inglenook is a community!
In the year 2014, Inglenook will did celebrate its 40th year as an exciting, friendly alternative high school. The large number of students who return regularly to visit Inglenook attests to its success as an "inglenook"--a warm place by the fire.
" When I came as a student to this community, it turned around my whole perspective on education and schooling. It was this community that compelled me to do my best...and involve myself in school". Student.
" I credit teachers with giving me the drive and curiosity to reach my goals" (Student. PhD)
 "Inglenook prepared me really well for university"

More Information About Inglenook Community School


We hold a guidance day each semester where we help you plan your academic path to realize your career dreams.  Join us for visits to experience first- hand your options at the Ontario College of Art, University of Toronto, George Brown College,and more!.  Our students love meeting graduates.

Student council, Student "dictator"

Have a voice; lead your school in every aspect from course selection to discipline.  Our student council is elected and helps with the social life of the school and student issues! Every year, a student is nominated as student "dictator"  The role of the dictator is a spoke-person for the student body and an liaison  between students, teachers and administration.


Every Wednesday afternoon, experience something completely different. Our outreach program is an academic enrichment opportunity that extends beyond the classroom. Earn 20 per cent of your mark in one of your subject areas.

Conference Day

Annually,we host a conference day with special guest speakers and student voices.  One year's theme was urban poetry where we invited writers and poets form across Toronto to read and discuss 'beat poetry'. Other conferences have included food, politics, sexuality, world music and peace.  Sit in on a conference day and experience education in a new and exciting way!

Additional Features

  • Toronto is Our Classroom
  • Breakfast club program
  • In historic Corktown
  • Close to TTC street car
  • Small friendly, family-like program
  • Outreach Community Program
  • Shared decision making
  • "Exemplary school" 1995

Student Life - Where You Belong


"When I came to this school everything changed, totally changed. I grew up a lot because you are given the chance to speak your mind here".  Grade 11 student.
We believe in a strong student partnership. Students appreciate being treated with respect.
Students have their own student lounge, and contribute to the governance and well being of the school.  We have many community events that involve students...drama nights, 'coffee house talent nights', theatre excursions, nature excursions, and  theme days at the school.
Students curate our art gallery, are on our interview admissions team, our mediation committee and help us with the daily running of our school.
Our students enjoy a very high graduation rate. A significant number of our students are accepted into the university or college program of their choice.


We combine the best of traditional and alternative learning.  Experience the structure and academic rigor of a traditional high school with the open communication style of the best alternative high school.  Learn from talented teachers you address on a first name basis. A Toronto Life article on our school once remarked that students described their course load as "Two Robs, a Bob and a Gretchen".
Our school symbol is the yin and yang and represents the balance and flow between our open communication style and our academic rigor.  We welcome students from across Toronto to experience our warm, nurturing and learning environment.
"We included Inglenook in the national research study, because of its unusally high rate of student retention, student engagement, academic achievement and its overall success in meeting the needs of its student population and community"  Mary Beattie O.I.S.E., U of T,
Exemplary Schools National Research Project.


Friends of Inglenook, (F.O.N.), is a group of students, parents, teachers, and aluminae who work to make to our school a wonderful learning environment.  F.O.N. is also involved in fund raising and dealing with important issues of the day.- Contact Curriculum Leader Rob Rennick at (416) 393-0560,