PHONE NUMBER: (416) 393-9180

GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12



North Toronto Collegiate Institute's Mission Statement

North Toronto C.I. is located near Yonge and Eglinton where it has proudly served the community since 1912. Our school is held in high regard by its graduates and by the community. An important aspect of the school is North Toronto's well-established reputation as a very strong academic institution. Over 90% of our graduates gain admission to some of the finest and most competitive university programs in the world. Our graduates continually tell us that the rigour and high expectations expected at North Toronto have prepared them well for the future. The school is small enough so that our staff truly knows our students, yet large enough to offer a wide variety of academic courses designed to prepare students for post-secondary education.

-extensive program in Music and the Arts
-wide variety of extra-curricular and co-instructional activities provides our students with a rich, well-rounded school experience. Students have many opportunities to develop leadership potential.
-students, parents and staff work collaboratively to support student success
-Student Council provides strong leadership and a significant and valued influence in the decision-making process in school policies and directions.
-School Council meets regularly providing valuable counsel to the school and offers parents resources and workshops.
-North Toronto's alumni (NT Foundation) provide a liaison with graduates and support current students and staff.

Renowned Music Program

North Toronto C.I. has an extraordinary Music program. We offer programs in Strings, Band and Vocal, and students may now use our high tech iMAC Lab to create music digitally. Students can participate in a variety of Music ensembles which include Symphony Orchestra, Senior & Junior Strings, Symphonic Band, Junior Band, Stage Band, Marching Band, Choral Ensemble, Chamber Choir, Women's Chorus and Jazz Choir. Students have many opportunities to participate in a variety of musical competitions and performances.

More Information About North Toronto Collegiate Institute

Global Education Certificate Program

A program designed to help students gain knowledge to enhance their global vision, critical thinking and research skills to engage in solving local and global issues, and life skills to empower students to take positive social action. The certificate consists of course work and travel opportunities.

Academic Expectations

North Toronto offers a rich academic program. We are particularly renowned for our Math & Science, Modern & Classical Language, and Music programs. Teachers engage students in challenging and enriching work and our students are able to reach high levels of achievement and scholarship. Most of our students progress to University studies in many fine institutions.

School Spirit

North Toronto students, staff and community have amazing school spirit. All wear "red & grey" and can sing our school song with great pride! Students are part of a rich and proud heritage when they come to this school.

Extra-Curricular Program

North Toronto is proud to offer students a vast, exciting extra-curricular athletic, club and leadership program. There is something for every student and all are encouraged to participate in our remarkable array of clubs, teams and student organizations.

Additional Features

  • Brand New State-of-the-Art Facility
  • Gold LEED Ecoschool
  • Peer Assistance & Leadership
  • NT Alumni (Foundation)
  • Strong Parental Involvement
  • Student Scholarships & Awards
  • Extensive Exra-curricular Program
  • Student Leadership Development

Student Life - Where You Belong


North Toronto C.I. is proud to provide:
-a rigorous academic program
-40+ Clubs and initiatives, 20+ athletic teams, intra-murals and leadership opportunities
-12 Music ensembles and an extensive Music program including a Marching Band
-an extensive program in the Arts - exhibits and festivals
-academic competition: Robotics, Classics, Latin Certamen, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Business & Accounting, Spanish
-fundraising & charitable endeavours
-tutoring and support available in all subject areas
-equity initiatives
-many exciting local, national and international field trips and excursions


North Toronto C.I.:

-has the newest, most state-of-the-art school facility in Toronto with wireless technology, and Platinum LEED eco-certification. Students can learn in the finest, most modern classrooms, labs, gyms, library and theatre in the city.
-has huge student and staff spirit and a rich, extensive extra-curricular program
-has a dedicated, caring staff that provide challenging and enriching academic programs
-has high levels of student achievement and scholarship. most students go on to renowned university institutions and pursue professional degrees.
-pursues many equity initiatives to support an inclusive program and all students and staff
-engages in many fund-raising and charitable endeavours
-staff and students think and act locally and globally and enrich our community in many ways.
-has an extensive and renowned Music program.


The School Council is active and knowledgable and involved in the school decision making process. Monthly meetings include reports from staff and student reps as well as guest speakers and workshops.
The Music Parents Association is very involved in supporting and sustaining a rich Music curricular and extra-curricular program.
North Toronto is committed to sustaining and building community partnerships.