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Hawthorne II Bilingual Alternative Junior School's Mission Statement

Hawthorne II Bilingual Alternative School opened in 1977 with the aim of exploring social justice principles and French language learning in a public school setting. Today, we share a home with Essex Public School near Christie Pits Park.

At Hawthorne, we strive to cultivate life-long learners and active citizens through the principles of communication, critical thinking, creativity, compassion, and community. We follow the Ontario elementary school curriculum from the framework of the following three pillars: second language learning, nature-based learning, and social justice.

1. Second-language learning: Our oral-based French program begins in JK with a 50/50 French/English day and reduces to approximately 30% of the day from grades 1-6.

2. Nature-based learning is integrated every day into classroom programmes and focuses on exploration, problem-solving, and STEAM subjects. By engaging with nature and outdoor spaces in our urban environment, students develop physical literacy, self-identity, and social and mental well-being.

3. Community and social justice learning at Hawthorne takes place through collaboration and relationship-building among students across the different grades, parental involvement in decision-making and school activities, and through our ongoing partnerships with Essex PS. 


At Hawthorne we strive to create an inclusive environment where French is visible and celebrated with meaningful and authentic activities. In the early years and primary grades, French is used as the language of communication in many daily interactions and there are designated percentages for language instruction. 

Teachers at Hawthorne educate students to enjoy and explore the French language. Our goal is to give students an awareness of French as a living language based on an appreciation of French in both Canadian and global contexts. Special activities, presentations and celebrations in French are organized throughout the year.
NB: Effective June, 2023 students who graduate from Hawthorne do not gain admission to extended French programs at Winona. 

More Information About Hawthorne II Bilingual Alternative Junior School

Eco Schools

We are a certified Platinum Eco School. We integrate environmental literacy across the curriculum. This focus is supported by our enrichment programming.

Peaceful Schools

As a small school (Hawthorne) housed in a larger school (Essex), we benefit from close relationships with the staff, students, and parents at Essex PS.  Sharing resources and ideas between both schools is a natural and important part of what makes our two schools such a peaceful and productive place for students.

Application for Hawthorne Alternative

Hawthorne is an Alternative School and entry into Hawthorne is done through the TDSB's online alternative schools portal at Applications can be made between 4PM Jan. 16th and 4PM Feb. 16th, 2023. 
A lottery (if required) will take place in mid-February and parents will be notified shortly thereafter.  

Please note that as of September 2023 there will no longer be an extended French pathway to Winona for graduating grade 6 Hawthorne students.  Students who graduate from Hawthorne from 2023-on will apply under the TDSB's Out-of-Area policy in order to gain entry to a middle school of their choice.


Hawthorne offers an enriched program with Art, Drama, Music and STEM performances, workshops and lessons throughout the year. The Enrichment committee (parents and teachers) assesses our Enrichment needs and brings artists and other resources to the classrooms using dedicated School Council funds.

Additional Features

  • Early Reading Intervention Program
  • Choir
  • Athletics
  • Band Insturction in Grades 4-6
  • ECO Team/Garden Club
  • Running Club
  • First Lego League Robotics Club
  • Drama/School Musical

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students are encouraged to take on a leadership role and get involved! A great emphasis is placed on personal and social responsibility. Students enjoy a variety of clubs and extra curricular activities which can vary from year to year based on student feedback.


French is taught starting in kindergarten with Extended French starting in grade 4. Our parents are involved in every aspect of school life and support our students and teachers on a daily basis.  Each student at Hawthorne takes music. Beginning in Kindergarten, students learn music literacy through singing and music games. In the primary grades, students have the opportunity to incorporate Orff instruments (xylophones and un-pitched percussion instruments) and bucket drums into their music learning. They learn to read rhythms and pitches and are able to apply their reading skills to both instrumental and vocal music settings. All primary students participate in the primary choir. Students in the junior grades continue to work on their musical literacy skills while singing and while learning to play a band instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone or percussion). All junior students participate in the junior choir. Students in grades 3 to 6 also have the opportunity to learn the ukelele as a part of the music program. 


The Nook, Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club and  St. Albans Boys and Girls Club all provide after school pickup for students.   We have a very active School Council that meets with all interested parents on a monthly basis. - Each class has a volunteer School Council representative. - Parent volunteers assist in the classrooms and on field trips. - They organize special events such as fundraisers, visiting artists and performances. - Parents are very much involved in school improvement, development of school philosophy and enrichment activities for students. Parent run our weekly Pizza Lunches. Some of our parents assist with remedial programs for our students.