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ALPHA Alternative Junior School's Mission Statement

Democracy is a fundamental value at ALPHA.
The school democracy is complex and far from absolute. Its founders took on the challenge to create an accessible public school that would represent democratic responsibility as well as liberty.
As Summerhill's A.S. Neill would say:
Freedom, not license.
This is an ongoing conversation, and maybe the most vital and distinguishing aspect of ALPHA's program. It takes a lot of time and mental and emotional energy but the students value personal autonomy, social responsibility and the power to shape the community within which they live.

Toronto's First Alternative Elementary School

Since 1972, The ALPHA Community has explored a wide variety of unique approaches to supporting our children's development as they "acquire the knowledge, skill, and values they need to become responsible members of a democratic society."

More Information About ALPHA Alternative Junior School

Child Guided Learning

ALPHA belongs firmly to the long tradition of learner-centered education that sees child's curiosity as the primary driver for knowledge acquisition. We respect children's desire to become competent and participate in the greater world.


ALPHA is a democracy based on consensus. Consensus is achieved when different points of view are incorporated through discussion. The goal is not compromise but refinement of a proposal until everyone can feel good about a decision.

All-School Meetings

Children take turns as Chair of these meetings that are held three days a week. Adults must wait their turn to speak like everyone else. And be careful not to talk loudly to your neighbour or another child, the Separator, will ask you to move.

Parent/Child/Teacher Conferences

Parent/child/teacher conferences are held at least twice yearly and more often if desired. Children are encouraged to set their own educational goals and to rate their own achievements.

Additional Features

  • The ALPHA Bazaar
  • Outdoor Education
  • Various Celebrations: Potluck etc.

Student Life - Where You Belong


(We have purposely left the next page blank and not outlined the programs we offer. Please come and visit us to see first hand what makes ALPHA unique.)


It is the working together of parents, students and staff that makes ALPHA unique.
(We have also purposely left the next page blank and not outlined the programs we offer. Please come and visit us to see first hand what makes ALPHA unique.)


Parent involvement is very high at ALPHA
Our whole School Community Council (parents and staff) meets monthly, with all parents participating. Parent volunteers assist regularly in classrooms. Many parents, talented in any area, share their skills with the students and staff throughout the year. All parents have the opportunity to be involved in decision making for the school through various committees.