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Kensington Community School's Mission Statement

Kensington CS is located on College Street, just east of Bathurst Street. We are very near Kensington Market, and we enjoy all of the diversity and opportunities of a downtown school.  We offer Kindergarten through Grade 6 and are very proud of our excellent academic and co-curricular programs.  At Kensington School we provide a learning environment that stresses a balance among disciplines and program areas. We develop our students' literacy and numeracy skills and offer a Physical Education program through our gymnasium and on-site swimming pool. We have a large, current library, and our teachers provide rich instruction in the arts.

We have recently completed a complete renovation of our playground. We also enjoy open-ended play as part of our OPAL program, which means we provide students with tools, tubes, and building materials at recess.  We eat lunch outside whenever possible and we value outdoor time as essential to student well-being.

Student Success

At Kensington Community School we use the Ontario Curriculum, teacher assessment of student progress, and parent input to set academic goals for the school. This year we are focussing on developing our students' reading abilities.  We also have a number of programs to ensure our students are happy and healthy at Kensington, including yoga, a free breakfast program, and lots of opportunities for students to build positive connections to the local community.

We offer lunchtime clubs and teams to engage students and provide opportunities for physical and social activities throughout the day. We also support students' learning by using lots of hand-on activities and by providing special education and resource support as needed.

More Information About Kensington Community School

Swimming Pool

We have a swimming pool in our school. We are proud to offer our students K-6 the opportunity to learn how to swim. Every class at Kensington swims at least once per week. We also run swim club, attend swim meets, and provide time for visiting schools to enjoy our pool.

International Language Program

We embrace and celebrate our diversity and offer International Language instruction to our students (Grades 1-6) in Mandarin, for a period each day.

Kensington Community

Kensington Community school is a community hub. Adult ESL classes are offered Monday-Thursday mornings.  We also provide space to the Toronto Urban Studies Centre, and we house a large daycare as well.  We also have a number of ongoing community partnerships with St. Stephen's, COSTI, St. Cecil's and other groups.


Kensington Community School hosts a daycare onsite which provides full-day care for infants, toddlers, pre-school and before/after school care for JK/SK children. 
St. Alban's Boys and Girls Club provides after school care for students in grades 1-6. 

Additional Features

  • Wheelchair Accesible
  • Active School Council
  • Love of Literacy
  • Visiting Artists
  • Close to the Public Library
  • Cultural Celebrations
  • Borrow-a-book
  • Amazing Facilities

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students are actively involved in life at Kensington School.  Whether joining the STEM club, reading with parents before school in our Reading Club, or joining cross-country or track and field, our students have opportunities to take part in co-curricular activities.  We all know each other and talk every day about the need to respect each other, ourselves and our school.  As a result, the school is safe and friendly and students feel part of a close-knit community. 


Kensington Community School is a unique multi-generational school where babies, children, and adults all get what they need to grow and learn.  We find strength in the diverse richness of our small school and enjoy the feeling of being a family of learners that comes with our small size.  We love being downtown and so close to the University, Parliament Buildings and Toronto’s many attractions, as teachers can easily take their students out on trips.  Our school has enjoyed exploring open ended outdoor play through the OPAL program and we are currently enjoying our new, recently completed playground. We are also fortunate to have a well-maintained, air conditioned school which allows us to keep learning, even when it is hot outside.   The International Language class also provides our students with 30 minutes of Mandarin during the school day, which is a unique learning opportunity for our students.


Parents are an integral part of Kensington Community School.  Parents are welcome in the school and assist us in many ways such as volunteering on trips and helping out with community activities.  Our School Council meets regularly and contributes to the well-being of the school.  We collaborate with community agencies such as St. Stephens and local daycares, and offer our pool and gym for community permitting and use in the evenings and on weekends.