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Mountview Alternative School's Mission Statement

Mountview Alternative is a K-8 school who shares space with Runnymede Collegiate Institute and Humbercrest Nursery School. The school has approximately 100 students.
Mountview is a community of five classrooms. The small community fosters deep, meaningful relationships. Here, the aim is for each student to share their unique abilities and perspectives with one another. For our collaborative staff, this close setting allows us to gain multiple perspectives on the strengths and needs of each student.
We are committed to fostering a true joy of learning through creative, responsive and ongoing collaboration with all students, staff, parents and wider community members.    



We are committed to fostering a sense of connection to each other and the greater community, a deep respect for all individuals, and a true joy of learning through creative, responsive and ongoing collaboration amongst all students, staff, guardians, parents and wider community members.
Parents and guardians are especially important in our small community and their voices matter. We are so grateful to our students' families who volunteer, support and lead learning at Mountview.

More Information About Mountview Alternative School

Clubs and Sports

The majority of our clubs run for the year (For example, Choir, Art Club, Mindfulness Club, Eco-team, Go-Girls and Basketball). Others, such as Robotics, Volleyball, Swimming, Cross-Country and Book Club, run for specific blocks of time during the year. We also have visiting artists, authors and musicians throughout the year.

Connection Across the Grades

We encourage all students to be involved in all aspects of the school. When the senior students showcase a project, the younger students are invited to learn and ask questions with the older students. At other times, students work together, across the grades on different activities, from robotics to structure building to larger school initiatives. Everyone has a voice.

Play and Collaboration

Students work with students from different classes and grades, in challenges, projects and cooperative games to develop these skills: teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and inclusion. Our students are participating with Right To Play to become leaders in our community. We are so excited about this partnership.

Runnymede Collegiate Institute Partnership

Mountview students learn with and learn from Runnymede students. Students participate in Runnymede workshops and events, including Family Night, Dance Workshops, Art Night, Remembrance Day, Hour of Code, Robotics, Community Day and more.


Additional Features

  • Small School, Big Ideas
  • Building Community Together
  • Clubs and Sports
  • Connection Across the Grades
  • Play and Collaboration
  • Runnymede Collegiate Institute

Student Life - Where You Belong


We have high expectations of ourselves and of  our students: arrive on time, work hard, work together, get involved, advocate for self and others, and have fun!


A small school becomes a family. Everyone is involved and everyone matters. Regular whole-school family get-togethers ensure that all of our families have the opportunity to connect with one another.


Parents and guardians play an important role in developing our community as we grow and learn together. As one parent noted, we are "A small town in a big city." Many of our new initiatives come from the parent community, and these are embedded in the culture of the school.