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High Park Alternative Junior School's Mission Statement

High Park Alternative School, founded in 1981, is housed in the Annette Street Public School complex in the Bloor West/Junction/High Park community. The school has grown from its original 3 classrooms to its current 7 classrooms. The student population numbers 150, with the majority of children having English as their home language. The school currently offers Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 programs. It shares space and facilities with Annette Street Public School and Junction Daycare. The complex is attached to the Annette Community Centre.



HPAS nurtures an inclusive and dynamic community of learning and care through partnerships between staff and families that extend both locally and globally. Collaborative decision making and cooperative learning in a safe, respectful, and joyful environment empowers our children to appreciate their own and others’ educational and emotional achievements, challenges and potential. A curriculum which crosses age groups and disciplines encourages each child to cultivate intellectual curiosity, an ethic of care, critical thinking and a love of learning.

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Engagement and inclusion are encouraged by maintaining a small school environment where students, staff, and parents participate in learning that extends from school to home to communities local and global. Collaborative decision-making and consensus building respects the value of each individual and supports the individual developmental paths of all students.


Integrated holistic learning is realized through an interdisciplinary approach in the context of mixed and multi-age groupings.  Providing opportunities for children of different ages to meet, work, and talk with each other, allows them more chances to find relationships and friendships that complement, supplement, and match their own needs and styles.


Children of all levels play and work cooperatively. Sports and recreational activities emphasize teamwork and personal best. A focus on non-competition encourages each child to develop self-respect, and to be a self-motivated, self-initiated learner who is able to take risks without fear, think independently and participate in decision making by consensus.


A tradition of learning about and donating to community-based organizations offers children opportunities to develop and demonstrate collective responsibility. Environmental responsibility is nurtured through stewardship of High Park, tending the bird sanctuary and Harmony Garden, as well as through the activities of the environmental club and the Green School initiative.

Student Life - Where You Belong


High Park students have many opportunities to enjoy curriculum-related in-school activities and excursions, as well as extensions to the arts program.  Students participate in both school and Board sports initiatives in conjunction with Annette Street P.S.  Throughout the year, there are also a number of whole-school activities when families can enjoy events with students and staff.  In February, the Annual All-School Skating Party, held at the outdoor rink at High Park, offers a morning of ice-skating and healthy snacks for all.  Earth Day activities in mid-April promote stewardship of our environment and enjoyment of the outdoors.  Anticipation runs high for Play Day, our whole-school final event!  We spend the full day at High Park, enjoying food, games, crafts and other activities.


High Park Alternative School is focused on the development of the whole child.  We involve parents and community partners in delivering programs in a manner that ensures that all students learn in a way that is best for each individual child.  By emphasizing inclusive education and conflict resolution, children develop understanding, acceptance and empathy, as well as the ability to interact with others in positive ways.  Connections between the school, the community and the world at large underscore the importance of local and global issues, and afford our students opportunities to think and act as global citizens.


A community of learning and care is actualized through partnerships between parents, students and staff who work together to support student development. Parent involvement is a critical component of the school’s culture and supports the staff direction, while offering time and resources which enrich learning opportunities.  Each family is encouraged to participate in the life of the school. Multiple support activities accommodate parents with different availabilities and talents. Support activities range from daytime activities such as volunteering in the classroom (class and trip reps) and library, as well as during field trips. Specific school events such as fundraisers or cultural events offer occasions for episodic involvement. Some parents support the school during the evening hours by facilitating art activities, administrative tasks and acting on various committees.