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Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School's Mission Statement

Forest Hill Jr. & Sr. Public School (JK-8) is a community school located in the Forest Hill neighbourhood which, prior to 1967, was part of the old Forest Hill Village. The school consists of two separate buildings, one of which was built in 1923, the other in 1938. Forest Hill has the unique features of period architecture, a 470-seat auditorium with a proper stage, and spacious grounds. The grounds include two separate baseball diamonds, soccer fields and a full running track.

Student Leadership

Leadership and character development characterize the active participants in our learning culture. We value a learning community and climate where everyone feels safe and welcome. We strive to uphold our shared ideals of academic excellence, intellectual growth, high standards of ethical awareness, equity, accountability, and partnerships.

Forest Hill has an active student body that participates in a wide variety of out of class experiences including; school spirit days, fundraisers, various clubs and sports teams.  School ambassadors welcome visitors and newcomers.  Our school council plans special events and comunicates with school staff and presents/reports to our school council at monthly meetings.

More Information About Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School

Character Education

The guiding principle at Forest Hill is RESPECT - Respect for one's self, for others, and for our environment. Respect is demonstrated by our behaviour. To show respect, all behaviour must be safe, considerate and responsible.

Students are also recognized for their academic, athletic, arts-based, and other achievements.

Student Life

Forest Hill offers a wide variety of opportunities to become an active part of the FHPS community. We have a multitude of sports, school plays, talent shows, art clubs, leadership clubs, Me to We, food drive, Eco Warriors, yearbook committee, chess club, and many more.

Students in Grades 5 and 6 visit Island School or an alternative outdoor education centre and our Grade 7students participate in a team-building retreat in September or October.  The grade 8 students end their time with us on a grad trip to Montreal, Quebec.


Forest Hill offers a wealth of extra-curricular activities in the arts, athletics, and through fundraising opportunities. Students from kindergarten to grade 8 have the opportunity to participate in activities they are interested in.

Forest Hill has organized phenomenal annual food drives for the North York Harvest food bank with a school record of over 5000 pounds of food or 2300 kilograms.
Students at Forest Hill have also raised money to build a school and three wells for the children of Sierra Leone. The students and community managed to raise and donate $13,500 to Free the Children, a charity bringing educational opportunities to underprivileged communities around the world. The fundraising initiative was organized by the school's Me 2 We Club, which has been working hard since first attending the annual We Day conference in 2007.  Forest Hill initiated its first ever ERGSA committee (Equal Rights Gender Sexuality Alliance) that hosted Pink Day & Pride Week.

Bullying Prevention Program

Forest Hill Bullying Prevention Program is a collaborative program to share understanding of the nature and effects of bullying. It will assist members of the school community in acquiring the knowledge skills and language to respond to bullying situations.

Forest Hill Public School commits to:
1. Create a safe, caring and equitable environment.
2. Explicitly teach students to understand and identify bullying. This
    includes cyber bullying.
3. Provide staff and students with training and strategies to address
    and report bullying.
4. Support victim of bullying through identification, education,
    communication and progressive discipline.

Student Life - Where You Belong


Forest Hill offers a wide variety of opportunities to become an active part of the FHPS community.  We have a multitude of sports, assemblies, talent shows, art clubs, leadership clubs, food drive, Eco School, yearbook committee, chess club, outdoor education centre trip for grade 5 and 6's, our grade 7 camping trip and grade 8 grad trip.


Forest Hill P.S. is a vibrant and active school with limitless school spirit. We combine academics, athletics and arts into the very ethos of our school community. From school wide events such as Pink Day, Pride Week, various class excursions including our grade 7 annual outdoor camp experience and our grade 8 grad trip, we are constantly emphasizing the importance of community and character education. We firmly believe that citizenship and character education are an integral foundation for our students to achieve success in all aspects of their lives. Our guiding principle at Forest Hill is RESPECT for self, others and the.
Teachers work hard to provide enriching programs to all of their students. As a result, when the grade 3 and grade 6 students write the EQAO test at the end of May, they always produce high results.


Members of the Forest Hill community along with staff and parents to provide a variety of opportunities for the students. They include:
- Public library visits
- Canada Council Grants for visiting artists and artist run programs
- Community fundraising events
- Senior school leadership workshops after school
- Lunch Programs
- Public Health presentations
- School Advisory Council (SAC) with a 15 member executive (including parents,
   teachers, school administrators, community, support staff and student representatives)
- Over 200 parent volunteers annually as assistants in class and/or for school functions