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Beaches Alternative Junior School's Mission Statement

Beaches Alternative school (BAS) was opened in 1976 and currently shares space with Kimberley School. While following provincial curriculum guidelines, BAS is a community-based school which places a strong emphasis on family involvement and experiential learning. The philosophy "It takes a village to raise a child" is lived in our school community and the network of BAS families is the village in which all our children grow, learn and thrive.

We strive to create an environment that fosters curiosity, connectedness, progressive skill building and critical thinking. We foster good citizenship through global education activities, multi-age activities and through cooperative rather than competitive approaches to learning. Our values of community building, justice, equity and respect for self, others and the world around us are as important as academic achievement. We value learning that matters - that connects hearts, minds, families and communities.

Welcome to Kindergarten

All kindergarten families will be invited to a Welcome to Kindergarten event in June. At that time, parents and children can come to the Kindergarten room and parent reps and the teacher will be available for questions.  The families are then invited to participate in typical inquiry-based learning activities that their child will find in their new school.
One aspect of what makes Beaches unique is the strong partnership between home and school and parent presence in the classroom.  This is an amazing opportunity to be involved in your child's education and is the basis for building a sense of community in the school.

More Information About Beaches Alternative Junior School

Welcome to Grade One

In June, the Grade One teacher will conduct a session for incoming Grade One students.   In September, parents can attend an information night that details the routines and programme of Grade One and how they can assist the class. 


All grade 5 students are assigned a computer that travels with them until grade 9.  Each classroom has technology to support student needs.

Multi-Age Learning Opportunities

Whole school initiatives around social justice issues provide opportunities for the all the students to come together. They share their knowledge and findings with each other. Students are afforded many opportunities, such as reading buddies, to work together with children from other grade levels creating a sense of community within the school.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We offer chances for the Grade 4, 5 and 6 students to try out for our various sports teams.  All students are encouraged to join. A variety of clubs are offered to all grades.  

Additional Features

  • The Arts
  • Play Days
  • Fundraising
  • Social Justice Initiatives
  • Professional Learning Initiatives
  • School Safety Programs
  • Field Trips
  • School Concert

Student Life - Where You Belong


We provide learning experiences which help students become well-rounded learners in life. Learning instruction includes a music teacher, a physical education teacher and a librarian.  Our extra-curricular activities are many and varied so to offer additional opportunities that meet the many interests of our students. As we understand the value a healthy diet plays in learning, we offer a daily snack program. Supervision is available for children who stay for lunch.  In addition, we value the importance of daily physical activity and encourage our students to utilize the many aspects of our playgrounds (i.e., soccer field, baseball diamond, basketball court & play structures). The students enjoy organizing and playing games during their free time outside. One of the major differences that one notices at Beaches is the amount of parent participation in the school. With its "open door policy" parents are often seen helping students at various activities during the school day.


Beaches Alternative is an unique learning environment as it shares a building as well as a single administrator with Kimberley Junior School . Our teachers are dedicated to collaborating with colleagues in both schools on many levels. The two schools come together on several occasions (i.e. sports teams, clubs, visiting artists, etc.) thus creating a feeling of community which fosters an understanding and respect for diversity. As a small school we are able to know each and every family. Our facilities include a full sized gym, a well- designed multi-purpose library with a story telling area, computer lab and student research area. We also have a well-resourced music classroom thus allowing us to offer Orff, recorder and vocal instruction during music class time.


Students at Beaches Alternative make use of the neighbouring Public library as well as Ted Reeve Area for weekly winter skating.  There is an active collaboration with the neighbouring community centre/daycare: Centre 55.  Every year the school hosts Winter Feast in which all classes share a meal and musical entertainments.  In addition, many of the families attend the Winter and Summer Camps which are organized by the parents.  Monthly general meetings are held at the school and the majority of parents attend.  At these meetings discussions arise around school issues and parent initiatives.