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William J McCordic School's Mission Statement


William J. McCordic School is a Special Education School in the Toronto District School Board for students with developmental disabilities. The school is located in the east end of the city near Main St. and Danforth Ave. 
The school serves approximately 85 students with developmental delays from a broad range of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds who live in the east end of Toronto. The students range from four to twenty-one years of age. Many of the students also have physical disabilities (require wheelchairs) in addition to their cognitive impairments. All students have been identified as exceptional (Developmental Disability) through the Identification Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) process.




At McCordic

We offer integration and inclusionary opportunities for our students and provide a wide variety of individualized experiences and programs that provide choices and help to increase the students' range of interests. We nurture communication skills, independence, responsibility and achievement in preparation for meaningful integration and participation in society.
We strive to ensure that our school is safe through our Safe Arrival Program, Safe and Caring School Committee, Safety Plan, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and Behaviour Management Systems training for staff.

More Information About William J McCordic School

Physical Education

At William J. McCordic we have a specialized gymnasium which provides a safe environment for all our students.  Our physical education teacher plans individualiized, structured programs that provide fun and invigorating classes that challenge each of our students to do the best they can.


McCordic students have weekly opportunities to engage in an energetic and diverse hands-on Music program.  They are exposed to a variety of musical genres and have many opportunities to create their own music using conventional and non conventional instruments.

The library at McCordic not only provides a variety of age and ability appropriate reading material for our students, but it houses a growing professional collection for our staff.  Students also have opportunities to enhance their learning through multi media presentations such as video, and internet based websites.

Integrated Arts

Our Integrated Arts program allows our students to participate in the creation of art pieces to the best of their ability, and in a variety of ways.  Seasonal themes focus the activities and many of the final products decorate our school walls.

Snoezelen Room

For more than five years McCordic students, through the use of our Snoezelen Room,  have had an opportunity for sensory stimulation.  The room allows for light, sound and scent stimulation in a totally relaxing environment.

Additional Features

  • McCordico
  • Community involvement
  • Swimming program
  • Music 1 Days
  • Community Newspaper delivery
  • Liason with TTC / Police Services
  • Fieldtrips and Funfair
  • Special Education Folkfest

Student Life - Where You Belong


William J. McCordic School continually provides a variety of unique learning opportunities  to develop life skills, which maximize individual independence and choice making.
Students enjoy regular outings into the community to expand their knowledge and to generalize functional daily living skills.


William J. McCordic School is committed to eliminating all barriers to learning for our students by providing a welcoming environment where students with developmental and physical disabilities can participate in programs that have been specifically designed to meet their educational needs.


School Staff communicate daily with parents and caregivers to ensure a close link between home and school. We hold Parent/Teacher Interviews as part of the regular school reporting process.
Our School Council provides opportunities for in-service and information sessions to help parents and guardians access supports in the community, share resources and network with each other
We collaborate with many community agencies and service providers such as Community Care Access Centres and the Toronto Association for Community Living.
We encourage student involvement and life skills development through such activies as delivering the Community Newspaper and visiting community businesses.
We encourage volunteers from our community to assist in classrooms and other program areas and we partner with Community Colleges to provide work-ed placements for their students.