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Beverley School's Mission Statement

All students with exceptionalities have the right to reach their potential. All students with exceptionalities have the right to a safe, secure, and encouraging learning environment. A partnership between students, school and family  is essential to the success of all students with exceptionalities.
The school, renovated in 1985 then redesigned in 2006, is a space on one floor that is barrier free and allows for optimal independence and mobility for students.
The elementary program is for students who are 4 to 14 years old from various communities and are transported by bus to school.
The students and staff at Beverley School speak 15 different languages.
The accessible pool on-site is used by a variety of school and community groups.

Beverley is a public school that delivers educational services to those students with a developmental and or physical disability in the down town area. We follow an alternative curriculum that mirrors the Ontario Ministry of Education. The teachers all have certification in special education. There are educational assistants in each class to support the students in accessing educational programming. The school offers a wide range of activities geared to this population. The library books are categorized using Mayer Johnson picture symbols to allow for the student's independent use if possible. This year we have introduced a pre-vocational work experience program for the older students.

Featured on CBS '60 Minutes'

On October 23, 2011 Beverley School was featured on CBS '60 Minutes' in a story called "Apps for Autism". The students have been involved in a three year study with the University of Toronto to measure the effect of tablet technology has on communication and socialization for students with Developmental Disability.
The story highlighted the work going on in the classrooms, featuring 3 of our teachers and several of our students. We were able to demonstrate how the devices are being used with students and some of the successes we have had. Many of the students made gain in their ability to communicate.

More Information About Beverley School

Specialized Equipment

In conjuction with OT/PT consultant Beverley houses a variety of equipment including the hug machine (developed by Temple Grandon ) several  swings, pressure blankets and vest that help students with their ablity to focus and participate in school activities.There is also the opportunity for gross motor activities in our accessible play ground.


Music is very important to the students at Beverley. Each class receives at least one hour of music a week as an enrichment to daily programming. Music allows for active participation by using musical instruments, alternative voice out-put as well as computerized equipment . The entire school meets for music assembly every Friday afternoon often featuring guest artists.

The Arts

The arts provide an outlet for students to be creative and be exposed to a variety of mediums. Many art projects such as murals, quilts and tapestries are created by the collective effort of all the students working together.

Resource Staff

The staff at Beverley have the opportunity to consult with TDSB Occupational/Physical Therapists, Speech/Language therapists, Phycho-Educational consultant , Vision, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Resource staff . We are also in partnership with Surrey Place Centre Autism Resource.In a team approach we meet individual student needs. 

Additional Features

  • Accessible Playground
  • Friday Afternoon Music Assembly
  • Theme Days and Special Events
  • Promethean Board
  • Adapted Computer Programs
  • Wheelchair Folk Dancing
  • Swim Team
  • Floor Hockey Team

Student Life - Where You Belong


Beverley is a beautifully designed school that creates a safe place where students can be encouraged to be independent and take risks. The hall ways are wide and provide the physical space for students to practise independent movement.Beverley is a small school that houses close to 90 students. The programs stress sensory integration, sensory stimulation, and motor development and communication skills. Teaching is done in a very concrete and creative manner. The gains may be small but the success is monumental. A child may take their first step at 4 or 5 or say their first word. The capacity for learning is endless!


Snoezelen Room
The Snoezelen room is a therapeutic and recreational room beneficial to students with sensory and physical disabilities. In a safe, comfortable environment  the snoezelen room is a magical place filled with a range of sensory stimuli and experiences to absorb, explore and control in an accessible environment. In a safe comfortable environment, primary senses are stimulated by music, lighting effects and gentle vibrations. The floors and walls are cushioned and there are special mats you can sink into. Teachers work with students either individually or in small groups.
The swimming pool at Beverley one day a week is transformed into a Snoezelen pool . A snoezelen pool creates a gently stimulating environment by combining the medicinal effects of a therapy pool with a variety of lights, sounds and textures. It is a unique experience and the safe, warm and comforting atmosphere helps students to relax.The art work on the walls depicts a Rain Forest theme.


- Community and parent outreach events to celebrate our diversity during our multi- cultural evenings, community lunches and BBQs - Through the Beverley news letter there is an opportunity for parents to exchange equipment with one another. - - - - -- Collaboration with community/social agencies: George Brown College Early Childhood Education Placement - Co-operative education student placements - Visits to the neighbourhood public library,Kensington Market, and Grange Park - The partnership between Beverley School and the Ontario Art Gallery continues through school visits and combined Art Projects. - - - - - - - School Community Council meetings - variety of opportunities throughout the year for parents and staff to develop and exchange school-home strategies to support a strong, interesting, and consistent program - fund-raising to support class programs