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Allenby Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Allenby is situated in the Lawrence Park community. Its documented history dates back to the 1400's when a tribe of Huron Iroquois erected a longhouse village on the site. Modern-day development in the area led to the Toronto Board of Education deciding in 1926 to build a school. The school was named for Lord Edmund Allenby, one of Britain's foremost soldiers. Opened in 1931, Allenby was renovated and enlarged in 1972 and again in 1994.

A graduation award in his honour, the Allenby Cup, is presented to two students each year who have demonstrated academic achievement, good character and leadership and active participation in school life

Our School

Allenby aims to create a collaborative, positive learning environment in which all members achieve their potential and take responsibility for themselves, and others in and beyond the school. Beyond the classroom, students have varied opportunites to engage in Primary and Junior Choirs, and in sports activities, both in House League and School Teams. Older students participate in leadership opportunities in Community and Global Awareness and Outreach. We are active participants in the Free the Children Foundation. We are an Ecoschool with a Platinum Certification, a result of staff and student action and leadership from across the grades.

We are proud of our Grade 6 leadership Program at Allenby, which has been operating for 3 years. Grade 6 students apply for roles in a variety of leadership initiatives, with staff mentors, including Peer Helpers, Free the Children Team, Local Charitable Outreach, and Recess Rangers. Grade 5 students also can get involved with leadership opportunities such as House League Helpers and Lost and Found monitors. We have found that the Leadership program has resulted in fewer incidents among Grade 6 students requiring discipline, and has supported them in being role models for character education goals especially in empathy, responsibility, teamwork and perseverance.

More Information About Allenby Junior Public School

This Year...

Allenby continues to enhance implementation of the Ontario Curriculum policy documents. We work in collaborative grade and division teams working on common goals and assessments, participating in regular discussions about criteria for success and strategies for giving students the feedback and support they need to meet their potential.

We have all of our Grade 4 classes participating in Project Giveback, a program in which students select a charity to research, plan a presentation and organize mini fundraiser for their class. The program was started by one of our own parents, Ellen Schwartz, and operates in several schools in Toronto. In this very interactive program, the students are visited weekly by an instructor who works with the classroom teacher as a team to build skills in language, research and presentation skills as they develop empathy and community awareness beyond the school.


In reading and writing, we will continue to focus on developing higher order thinking skills and work within Learning Teams.Our literacy programme incorporates the use technology and multi-media platforms into both the English and French curriculum delivery.


Mathematics is school focus this year as we aim to enhance student mathematical thinking and communication skills through an emphasis on problem solving.

Safe and Caring Schools

The many leadership opportunities at Allenby enable students to put into practice the Character Trait education that is embedded into daily classroom lessons.  An emphasis on Social Skill development and equity issue helps promote a positive and safe environment within the school building, out in the school yard, and during excursions. 

Student Life - Where You Belong


Arts: Students can sign up for music activities, including Band, Strings for Students in Grades 5 and 6 that take place during the school day, and the Primary and Junior Choirs that practice at lunch hours.Students have the opportunity to perform for the school and families each year, and there are also presentations brought to the school.
Sports: Our very active House League program is open to all students, and includes: basketball,  flag football, floor hockey and soccer, In addition, we have a very successful Sports Team program, with our teams participating in tournaments beyond the school in cross country, baseball, basketball, softball,  football, ice hockey, soccer, swimming, volleyball and track and field. 
Other: We also have Eco clubs, Garden Club and Grade 6 leadership Teams (Free the Children, Eco-leaders, Peer Helpers, Morning Announcers and the School Spirit Day Leaders, among others).


Allenby is a very busy and actively engaged community at all levels, students, teachers, parents and the larger community.
Visiting Artists and Scientists come to the classrooms to enhance programs and teacher capacity in these areas.
Our Grade 6 leadership program gives Grade 6 students opportunities in several areas and is an integral part of our Character Education focus in the school. Student empowerment in community awareness and outreach is supported by the Project Giveback program and by student planned  activities though the Free the Children Foundation. In the past we have raised money to build schools and pay for teacher salaries, educational supplies, and alternative income programs, in Kenya, and India  Local initiatives have included a food drive for the Daily Bread Food bank, a boot drive for another school community and for Terry Fox and to help families in the Philippines.



The Allenby parent community is an integral part of the school. The Allenby Parents' Association forms committees to assist with many aspects of the school, including fundraising to enrich programming, provide more technology, volunteering and organizing specific events, such as the annual Lip Sync for students, the Spring Fun Fair for families and the community and "Big Night Out" for parents/guardians and teachers,.
In addition, parents volunteer their time working in the lIbrary, helping with Attendance Verification and working in classrooms.  Recent collaborations include the joint funding for Character education programs, Project Giveback and Roots of Empathy and the enhancement of technology in the school.