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Maurice Cody Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Maurice Cody Public School (JK-5) was built in 1928 on Belsize Drive in the North Toronto area. The closest major intersection is Davisville and Bayview. The school has a population of approximately 700 students. We share facilities with Toronto Parks and Recreation. We have artificial turf and our "Discovery Gardens" - a council ring, a spiral garden, and a meadow woodland garden.  The school also houses the Maurice Cody Child Care Centre. The Maurice Cody Public School Community strives to nurture the growth and development of its students by creating a safe, caring and dynamic environment that enables all children to reach their full potential as learners and citizens. We consistently work toward "making a difference in our world".

Computer Literacy

For several years, our community has worked together and continues  to construct and implement mobile computer labs which enable students to become more computer literate and to apply this learning to the curriculum.  We continue to use Smartboards and/or Elmos at most grade levels to enhance student learning and to allow the varying learning needs of our students to be addressed through the integration of technology.  The new addition (2012) to our building is wireless and we continue to upgrade our technology. Many of our students are also using ipads within their classrooms.

More Information About Maurice Cody Junior Public School

Academic Excellence

We strive to achieve academic excellence.  At Maurice Cody, the Ontario Curriculum, teacher assessment of student progress, and the results of EQAO testing are used to set academic goals for the school.  This year, we will continue to work on developing the literacy and numeracy skills of our students.

All teachers are engaged in the Collaborative Inquiry progress, always seeking best practices, innovative ideas and accurate assessment tools to enhance programs. Our Partners in Action Program allows for teachers to collaborate with our teacher-librarian in improving students' literacy skills across the curriculum. Our School Council works with our teachers on a number of committees, helping us to obtain resources to supplement and enrich our delivery of all areas of the curriculum.

Caring and Safe Learning Environment

Staff, parents and students work together to create a safe and orderly environment. Our school code of conduct outlines the kinds of behaviour that we expect all members of our community to follow. We have a Safe and Caring Schools Committee which is proactively supporting the well-being of students.

Student Success

We focus on student success by providing excellent curriculum, enrichment, regular assessment and by building a culture of mutual respect and social responsibility.  Collaboration, teamwork and partnerships are vital components in our community.  With this in mind, we focus on our Character Education Traits through daily announcements and teacher instruction.

Community/Parental involvement

Parents are actively involved in the school as we have many volunteers registered at our school.  They also participate on field trips and are on many partnership committees.  The School Council provides excellent communication to the parents and serves as a forum for discussion and input to the school. 

Parents are always encouraged to speak to their child's teacher promptly when they have concerns.  There is always an open door policy in the office.  We value all aspects of the curriculum and believe that we must focus on the strengths and needs of our learners.  Together we can and do make a difference.

Additional Features

  • Primary and Junior Choirs
  • Clubs-Explore It, Chess, Magic
  • Lunchtime Intramurals
  • Eco Club
  • Teams: X-country, Track and Field
  • Volleyball, Basketball
  • Ice Hockey, Flag Football
  • Student Council, We@Cody

Student Life - Where You Belong


There is certainly a great deal of activity taking place here at Maurice Cody! Students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 can get involved in a variety of activities. Staff and parents have worked cooperatively with Parks and Recreation to offer after school programs and activities exclusively for our students.  Whether one's interest is art, sports, music, dance or drama, there is something for everyone to enjoy! 
Our Grade 6 students are true role models as many take on the role of Student Leaders.  They assist students in the lunchroom, help out in our Kindergarten classrooms and at many special school events. 


Maurice Cody Public School is a school in the heart of the city with a growing student population.  Though many schools within the Toronto District School Board are experiencing a decrease in enrolment, our school continues to grow.  
Achieving "Gold" status as an EcoSchool makes Maurice Cody a very special place.  We strive to be at the forefront of environmental issues.  Our students, staff and community are very aware of our environmental initiatives and do everything to support them.  Our school was outfitted with solar panels on our roof and we have a monitor outside the school office to watch the power generation of the panels.  


Community collections: food, books, shoes, clothing, skates.  Health/Safety Initiatives: Community Liaison Officer, Lice Squad, Toronto Public Health.  Community/Social Agencies: Evergreen, OISE, VicReach.  Eco Initiatives: Walking Wednesdays, environmental garden, litterless lunches, recycling. Our parent community is very involved in our programs, often assisting in the classrooms with field trips and Scientists in the School. Our parent community is also heavily involved in helping coach our sports teams along with driving them to and from games. Our School Council meets regularly to discuss school programming, safety concerns, co-curricular activities and fundraising initiatives. They also run several highly successful fundraising programs including our annual Cody Howl, a Winter Fair, and a Spring Fair.