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Blake Street Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Blake Street Junior Public School is located between Pape and Donlands, at the eastern end of Riverdale. We are a true reflection of the great diversity of Toronto, and strive to be a place where all voices are heard and valued, and where students and families feel safe, respected and welcomed.
The school was built in 1970 as an open concept learning space, which serves as a symbol of our commitment of working and learning together as a larger community.  Co-teaching models are embraced as is collaboration.
We are in our final year of rolling out our  French immersion program, and have just introduced grade 6.  As a multi lingual school, we value the enriched opportunities all our students enjoy.

Learning through Inquiry

As a school, we are committed to the process of inquiry, which  encourages students to discover and explore, to engage in rich personally relevant learning, and to think through problems and questions to uncover solutions themselves.  An inquiry approach encourages students to be active and creative problem solvers and deep thinkers, and to come up with their own conclusions; all the while meeting the learning styles of all our children.

More Information About Blake Street Junior Public School

Self Regulation and Mindfullness

Self Regulation is a school focus, and can be defined as the ability to monitor, maintain and change the level of alertness so that it is appropriate to a task.  We continue to identify how our "engines are running" and change our speeds to meet our tasks; and when needed, engage in strategies to regulate ourselves, including: breathing, yoga, and sensory activities.

OPAL: Outdoor Play and Learning

Originally implemented at the kindergarten level, OPAL is now part of our Kindergarten to Grade 6 outdoor learning times.
We believe that play is the foundation for early learning.  Play builds imagination, safe risk management, resiliency, and healthy well beings.  We use "loose parts" to enrich and diversify play.

Teachers as Life Long Learners

Our teaching staff meet regularly to share best practices, collaborate on curriculum planning and implementation, and investigate student work.  Teachers continue to set their own learning goals, reflect on their teaching, and improve their practice. At Blake Street we are all committed to learning!

Active and Engaging School Council

We have a dedicated School Council, who work in partnership with staff and community to enhance students' educational experiences.  They are responsible for many community building events, including our annual Welcome Back BBQ and Pot Luck, movie nights, and our Fun Fair in the spring. Most recently, they have initiated an Anti-Black and Anti-Indigenous racism grant.

Additional Features

  • Equity Education
  • Self Regulation
  • Inclusion and Community Building
  • French Immersion
  • Restorative Practices
  • Nutrition Program
  • Extended Day Program
  • Many Extra curricular actviities

Student Life - Where You Belong


We believe in promoting the well being of the whole child at Blake Street.  We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities for students to get involved in.  There is choir, arts club, knitting, board games, softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and Folk Fest to name a few. There are also many leadership opportunities.  Students may choose to participate in our Eco Club, Gardening Group, Ambassadors Program, conduct morning announcements or support outdoor learning times as an OPAL leader. Students area also involved every year in the creation of a new school mural.
Although we are a smaller school, the staff at Blake does their very best to provide students with exciting and challenging opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.  We are a small school with a big heart!


What sets us apart at Blake is COLLABORATION! We have a clear focus across all grades.  As a staff, we plan, set goals and review the achievement data of our students regularly.  We have Professional Learning Teams in each grade where teachers plan and assess together to ensure that we have common expectations.  Every staff member views every students at Blake Street as their own, whether the child is in their class or not. Our collaborative spirit extends to our School Council where they work hard on initiatives that directly enhance the programs for our students.  Blake Street is a happy place where team work is embraced by everyone!


We value the positive involvement of parents and caregivers at Blake Street.  Parent volunteers run school events such as our Welcome Back to School Potluck, Fun Fair, Movie Nights, Clothing Swaps and Family Dance Night.  Our School Council meets monthly to support school programs and provide active and positive parent advocacy responses to educatonal and school community issues.  Parents regularly assist in school classrooms, on field trips and the library.  Our Nutrition programs, run by parents, ensure every students has a nutritious breakfast and snack to start their day.
We have a partnership with Eastview Community Centre, who offer programming to many of our students through their Boys and Girls Club.