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Withrow Avenue Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Welcome to Withrow Avenue Junior Public School

Withrow Avenue Public School is situated in Riverdale. The school has rich history and celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2003. The school's current building was constructed in 1972, and was designed around the open-concept model that was commonplace for the times. We are a dual-track school, offering both an English and Early French Immersion program to approximately 600 students. The building also houses the Withrow Childcare Centre as well as Quest Alternative Senior School. Withrow is also a focal point for the community and is used by community groups outside school hours.

Early French Immersion (Junior Kindergarten Entry)

Application Deadline - For families interested in the TDSB's system-wide French Immersion Program, we offer an online process to apply for Early French Immersion (begins in JK). An offer of placement in the program (not a specific school) is guaranteed to all on-time applicants. The timeline to apply to the Early French Immersion program for September 2023: applications must be completed online between October 31 and November 25, 2022. For more information, visit: Early French Immersion, Virtual & In-Person Information Sessions and Application Process.

Withrow's Mission Statement

Withrow Public School is a dynamic community of lifelong learners working together in equity and excellence in the pursuit of knowledge.

Professional Activity (PA) Days: 2023-24
There are three (3) mandatory PA Days: Friday, October 6, Friday, December 8, 2023, and Friday, April 19, 2024. 
Priorities for those days are: Literacy and Mathematics, Curriculum Implementation, and Student Well-being, School Safety and Violence Prevention. 
As per Policy PPM 151, also included is equity, human rights, anti-racism, anti-discrimination, Indigenous Education, and equitable learning for students with specialized needs, exceptionalities and those who are differently-abled.
PPM 151
PA Days here: 

More Information About Withrow Avenue Junior Public School

Promoting Stewardship

Withrow is an ECO school promoting environmental leadership and stewardship; we are an Eco School, Platinum Level. We lead practices in staff and student leadership, reducing impact, developing ecological literacy, and building healthy communities. We also have a teaching garden, bringing the curriculum to life and promoting stewardship.

Our Vision: Every Withrow student can expect:
  • To be safe and secure,
  • To learn and play in a positive environment,
  • To be supported in achievement, well-being and equity,
  • To be valued through student voice and choice,
  • To problem solve using restorative and reflective dialogue. 

Integrating the Arts

At Withrow, we integrate the arts into many aspects of our program. Our students also have opportunities to explore the arts with specialist teachers in Music and Drama & Dance. We work collaboratively with Learning Through the Arts on projects that integrate art forms into core curriculum areas, and parents and community members share their artistic talents.

Withrow's Rich History

The need for a new school for the Riverdale area became apparent just prior to the turn of the century. The present site was approved for purchase on June 7, 1900. The location was on Withrow Avenue and the school was named for the avenue which received its name from John J. Withrow, former alderman and founder of the Canadian National Exhibition.

More Historical Perspectives

Fascinating stuff! The grounds of Withrow Avenue Public School on Bain Avenue used to be an aboriginal encampment. A 1988 Toronto Historical Board plaque giving the details is attached to the school. 
More information is available at:

Additional Features

  • Great kids!
  • Great staff!
  • Great parents!
  • Great community!

Student Life - Where You Belong


Withrow offers our students many ways to explore their talents and interests. Our sports program offers opportunity to experience a wide range of sports at both the competitive and non-competitive levels. Our team, the Withrow Wildcats, competes against other schools in a wide variety of sports, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, badminton, and track and field. We also have intramurals to help develop skills in a fun and non-competitive atmosphere. Our Library runs an engaging Forest of Reading program. Our Music program has an award-winning choir. The arts flourish at Withrow with artists in the school, Learning Through the Arts, art auctions, gallery shows and school-wide performances. Withrow has a variety of clubs for students to engage in, such as Me to We, School Newspaper, Technology Team, Ukulele, Drawing, Chess, Lego, Mad Science, Quantum Kidz, Robotics, Pawsitively Pets, DIY Emojis and Raising Readers. We have Winter and Spring concerts to showcase talents, as well as a talent show at our annual Fun Fair. At Withrow, student life is active, fun, and rewarding.


At Withrow, we are proud of our holistic approach to education. We believe that all stakeholders (students, staff, parents, and community members) bring a wide range of experiences for us to draw upon in helping to construct meaningful learning experiences. These opportunities support the concepts and skills necessary to become productive and responsible citizens in our world. Our parents' active involvement helps build the bridge between home and school, providing our students with a sense of community in the learning process. Close to our hearts is our annual Withrow Cares Campaign. This school-wide initiative supports those in need in our broader community by providing all at Withrow an opportunity to give back in some way to help those in need. Past campaigns have helped provide personal care kits for the homeless, food and necessities for those alone during the holidays, and gifts for families who are in transition due to unfortunate circumstances. Each year the campaign's success is evidence of our caring community spirit as Withrow.


Our parent community is actively engaged in many aspects of school life here at Withrow. From their contributions in the classroom as volunteers and experts, sharing their knowledge and experience, to providing resources that enrich the educational experiences of our students through programming enhancements, our parent community demonstrates the positive results that strong home and school relationships build. Our School Council provides leadership and organization in many of these aspects, through such activities as Community BBQ, Fun Fair, Art Auction/Gallery, school performances and Artists.  We are also proud of our community partnerships which enrich the learning experiences of all members of the Withrow community. Some of our community partners are: Toronto Public Library, Parks and Recreation, community agencies, and artists in the community.