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General Mercer Junior Public School's Mission Statement

General Mercer Junior Public School is located near Old Weston Road and St.Clair Avenue. The school was originally built in 1923. General Mercer offers Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six. Classes are supported by French, Music, Physical Education, Teacher Librarian as well as Resource Teachers. The school shares space with an active Early ON Centre and a Daycare Centre that offers enfant to school age programs.

School Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a positive and safe learning environment in which the rights of all members of our school community are respected; individual development is fostered and learning outcomes are maximized for all our students.

Special Education

Our school is home to six Special Education programs: Primary Developmental Disabilities,  Primary Autism, Primary Learning Disabilities, Home School Program, Junior Autism and Junior Learning Disabilities. Our staff are highly trained and have experience and skills to meet the needs of our special education students. Technology such as interactive whiteboards, document cameras and ipads are used to engage the students in different learning environments.

More Information About General Mercer Junior Public School

Model Schools for Inner City

The TDSB's goal is to make sure all our students succeed.  Since September 2011, General Mercer P.S. has been involved in the Model School for Inner Cities program. The Model Schools for Inner Cities program plays a critical part in reaching that goal.

The Five Essential Components of a Model School:
1) Innovative teaching and learning practices
2) Support Services to meet social, emotional and physical well being of students
3) School as the heart of the community
4) Research, review and evaluation of students and programs
5) Commitment to share successful practice

Literacy & Numeracy

Our teachers implement the components of balanced literacy and balanced math programs in all classrooms. In Literacy we are focused on improving critical thinking skills through the use of Differentiated Instruction.  Our Literacy support teacher provides an extra layer of support to help at risk readers in the primary grade.

Information Technology

The Promethean Boards in our regular & Special Education classes enable teachers to present information in a visual and interactive way that is highly motivating and engaging. Our school has approximately one hundred ipads and sixty laptops which are shared with all our students in all classes. 

Student Life - Where You Belong


The staff at General Mercer P.S. provide many opportunities beyond the classroom to enrich the lives of the students. Some of the activities and events that have occurred include but are not limited to: girls club, Environment Club, Library helpers, pizza monitors, floor hockey house league, Marlie's hockey trip, Freddie Fusion magic science show, basketball, volleyball, Dance-a-thon, stacking club, French club, annual school wide field trip, Earth Ranger, Scientist in the School, Friends of General Mercer Library, Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club and many more activities.


Our school has a fully functioning computer lab with over 25 computers. As well each classroom has on average 2 computers. Our school is also leading the way in interactive whiteboard technology. We currently have Promethean Boards in all our classrooms. Our building is completely wireless. All our classes also use iPads in the class to engage students in other forms of learning. As well our kindergarten classes have integrated iPads into the daily class routine. 


Ways we reach out to the community: Public Health, General Mercer Child Care Centre, Toronto Parks and Recreation Department, Child Development Institute, Children's Aid Society, Metro Police Liason Officer(Street Proofing, Street Safety, Internet Safety, Youth and the Law, and anti-bullying)  Faculty of Education students; active community school council, parent volunteers assisting in the classrooms, on field trips and with the Snack Program; participation in Ward 9 Parent Council,  active Parenting Centre, Family Literacy Evenings, use of student agendas to communicate with parents, School community events; Family Halloween dance, Movie Night, Story tellers, Fun Fair, Parent Academy. The Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club provides after school activities twice a week for our students.