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Rose Avenue Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Rose Ave. P.S. is a vibrant downtown inner-city school located in the centre of St. James Town. Our diverse student population is drawn from the 22 apartment towers, housing over 27,000 people in one of the most densely populated and multicultural communities in North America. The school has a student population of over 650. More than 85% of the students have English as their second language, representing about 50 language groups. We have a strong instructional focus on literacy, numeracy, the arts, and the environment.  As well, we have embarked upon a multi-year arts partnership with Manulife, Inner City Angels, and Mariposa in the Schools with the theme, "Hold up the Sky." We are proud Ashoka School.

Student Learning and Achievement

Our School Plan (SIP) supports the TDSB's mandate of providing a strong literacy and numeracy focus, as well as a safe and nurturing environment for our students. The entire staff is working to make sure that our students succeed academically. We consistently monitor our students' progress; our instruction is based on the needs of our learners, and all students are given opportunities to learn both inside and outside the classroom. Students' activities are designed to be intellectually demanding, differentiated, and engaging. Our students are expected to think critically, ask questions and interact positively with each other.

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Social Justice and Equity

Our school values the history and culture of all students in the school. We are committed to focusing on social justice. To this end, we use an inclusionary curriculum. We have a meaningful morning message, and curriculum in our classrooms to further develop empathy skills. We promote a critical look at gender roles, responsibility, and community citizenship.

Platinum Eco-School

Rose Ave. has attained Platinum Eco-School status by working to conserve energy, reduce, reuse, and recycle our waste, and support eco-literacy amongst our staff and students. Part of our eco-programme involves our school gardens. We are working with Green Thumbs to provide hands-on workshops where students learn about the inter-dependencies between all living things.

Safe and Caring School Community

We continue to ensure the provision of a safe learning environment for our students. Rose Ave. is a place where staff and students feel secure and able to learn. Our student Problem Solvers serve as student ambassadors in the yard, helping to model and teach students how to resolve conflict peacefully.

Focus on the Early Years

With 240 Kindergarten students in our school, we continue to actively structure an early years programme that is developmentally appropriate, with high expectations for our students.  We have a play-based curriculum and are developing an outdoor classroom. We have a child care centre operated by George Brown College and an active Parent and Family Literacy Centre on-site.

With over 120 Ipads, a well equipped Computer Lab and many Macbooks and PC's, Rose is able to offer all students a rich and engaging program in the appropriate use of technology. 

Additional Features

  • Collaborative Staff Planning
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Collaborative Community Partnership
  • Successful School Council
  • Arts Open House
  • Social Media and Technology

Student Life - Where You Belong


Rose Ave. learners are engaged, responsible and demonstrate a commitment to the environment. Daily academic activities are enhanced with field trips to educational destinations.
We have a nutrition program that provides a healthy breakfast, morning meal and hot lunch for all students every day.  
 The arts have an important place here at Rose. We have an extensive music program, with student choirs, African drums, strings, band and Orff offered. As well, students are involved in the Touch the Sky arts initiative and partnerships with YPT, the National Ballet, and Hammer Band.  
We have a wonderfully stocked library, which our student librarians help to maintain. Our Indigo grant will allow us to purchase additional resources for our class libraries, levelled readers, and multi-language materials. We participate in our Silver Rose Reading Programme every year to motivate and support our student readers. Every Tuesday after school over 350 students participate in our after school International Languages Programme.

We are proud of our Eco-Schools work and are an Eco Platinum school. All classes have compost bins, recycling bins, and re-using paper bins.  


The teachers work hard to differentiate the instruction and assessment to help ensure success for all learners. As a Model School, we  focus on culturally relevant curriculum, have a strong tradition in the arts, and have an effective student problem solver program. Every year we celebrate African History with an evening performance, where students demonstrate their learning and musical talent. Using technology to support and extend student learning is also a school focus.  All classrooms have a document camera and projector. We have a computer labs, and 120 iPads which are used by all students. We have strong partnerships with Manulife Financial, Branksome Hall, Community Matters, Green Thumbs Growing Kids, Inner City Angels, Mariposa, YPT, Upper Canada College, The York School/Right to Play, Leacock Foundation, Ashoka Canada and OISE/ICS. There is a Settlement Worker program (SEPT in partnership with the TDSB) and City Hope who support new Canadians. Rose Ave offers a learning environment for students from many higher educational organizations.


Extensive parent involvement, through participation in School Council meetings, volunteer opportunities, committees and initiatives between parents and our school, is supported by ongoing communication between teachers and parents.  Parents participate extensively in Curriculum Nights, inservices related to curriculum, and school issues. Parents are involved in school committees such as Safe Schools, school improvement, and budget.
The school works in coordination with a Model School's Community Worker and a Settlement Worker. There are partnerships with the Parenting and Family Literacy Centre, the Rose Ave. and Glen Road Child Cares, Community Matters, Toronto Public Health, Growing Together, Regent Park Children's Foundation and East York East Toronto Family Resources.  These partnerships support parent engagement, parent learning, and leadership skills.