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Regal Road Junior Public School's Mission Statement

The mission of Regal Road Public School is to strive for equity and excellence for all students in partnership with the community.

Regal Road Public School is situated on the northeast corner of Davenport Road and Dufferin Street. It is a dynamic dual-track school with an enrolment of approximately 550 students.  Our students represent diverse ethnocultural and family backgrounds. While two-thirds of the students speak English at home, over 45 language groups are represented.

On site is Ascot Daycare Centre (416 653-7760). In addition, there is an International Language Program and lunchtime and after school arts programs.

The School Council is very active and involved in supporting the school through a collaborative staff/parent committee structure.

The Regal Road team is comprised of committed staff, involved parents and motivated students working together to help children prepare to become citizens in a global society.

More Information About Regal Road Junior Public School

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students at Regal Road Jr. P.S. play an important role in creating a positive learning environment. They have many opportunities to be engaged members of a dynamic school. Our athletic teams provide a healthy, fun and safe environment where students can learn cooperative skills necessary for success. Throughout the year, students take part in numerous sports, including soccer, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, softball and track and field.  Students at Regal Road also have opportunities to make a difference in the world around them. Classes take ownership for identifying important causes and the students plan and execute initiatives that help those in need. The Green Club has led many fundraising activities to help those who less fortunate. These opportunities have placed a great emphasis on social justice and have encouraged the students to be problem-solvers and contributing members of a changing society.


Instruction at Regal Road Jr. P.S. meets the diverse interests and learning needs of all our students.  Authentic experiences are built across the curriculum and students have opportunities to take part in various music classes, clubs and sports.  Strings, band and steel pan classes for grades 5 and 6 students are taught by itinerant music instructors.  Clubs and sports are led by teachers who volunteer their time. Clubs include: Green Club, Magic Club, Knitting, Games Club, Chess, Tai Chi, Fabric Arts, Scrabble, Girls Club, Plasticine Art and Oware.  The Parent Volunteer Literacy Program has been a successful program for several years at Regal Road. Through this program, adults read with students one-on-one in order to help them encounter greater success in literacy. As a result of our volunteer support, more than thirty students enjoy the benefits of reading with adults from our community. Parents have also supported the school’s implementation of current technology. Regal Road currently has 12 SMART boards and our plan is to continually acquire more over the next few years.



- Public library class visits (JK-Gr.6)
- Community volunteers, co-op students
- Collaboration with community/social agencies, e.g., Child Development Institute, Social Skills Group, Piccininni Centre, Wallace Emerson CC, Working Women Community Centre, Saint Albans Boys and Girls Club 
School Community Council -
 Regular parent volunteers who assist in classrooms, and library - Committees (e.g.,, spring fair, safe schools, literacy/numeracy, arts, equity, environmental education, pizza lunch)
- Parent Literacy Volunteers