Dr Rita Cox - Kina Minagok Public School's Mission Statement

Dr. Rita Cox – Kina Minagok Public School is an inner-city school serving a diverse student population over 700 students. The school, formerly named Queen Victoria Public School, was founded in Parkdale in 1887.

The current school building was built in 1999, and the decision was made to rename the school in 2022, following community consultation and recommendations made by a School Naming Committee. The school was named for the revered community librarian and veteran advocate for children’s literacy, Dr. Rita Cox. Kina Minagok is an Indigenous phrase that translates to "All Grows Well Together" and signifies the school and community’s role in nurturing the growth of students.

Dr. Rita Cox-Kina Minagok - All things grow well!

Our teachers set high expectations for themselves and their students. In fact, the commitment of teachers to their students' success is exemplary. Children have opportunities to participate and excel in a wide range of activities such as: choirs; ballroom dancing; art; chess; guitar and dance clubs; athletic teams; public speaking events; school council etc. 

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Terry and Us. An award winning book!

Like children everywhere, the heroic story of Terry Fox gripped the hearts of our students and fuelled their imaginations. Together, students published a beautiful book which won the Scholastic Kids Are Authors award and was published in September 2009 in English, French and three of the predominant first languages of DRCKM community - Tibetan, Tamil and Vietnamese. 

Dr. Rita Cox-Kina Minagok P.S. - Growing Together!

Model Schools implement innovative teaching and learning practices, they provide support services to meet social, emotional and physical well being of students, and they establish the school as the heart of the community. They research, review and evaluate their students and programs and have a commitment to sharing successful practices with other schools.

A committment to the arts.

Our school highlights framed student works of art, poetry and prose. Our front foyer features sculpture, artwork photography and an Equity Wall which is an ever-changing canvas of works of art on the themes of equity and diversity, such a part of the fabric of DRCKM community. We are committed to create an aesthetically uplifting and stimulating learning environment.

Parents are our partners!

At DRCKM, we have an active parent community that participates in school events, and volunteers in our library, classrooms and on trips.  Our school council meets regularly for parent workshops, to plan community events and to help raise funds to support our school.   Together we are better!

Additional Features

  • Parenting and Learning Centre
  • Settlement workers
  • A diverse community of learners
  • A breathtaking school library
  • Memorable school concerts
  • Intramurals and school sports teams
  • Fantastic staff!
  • Incredible students!

Student Life - Where You Belong


There’s a place that welcomes me near King Street West.  Where I go with my friends all day and try to do my best.  If you wonder where I’m bound as I go on my way.  These are the words you’ll hear me say
Queen Victoria’s where I go.  I’m proud that it’s my school.  And I want you to know.  Children from around the world.  Come here to learn and grow.  Queen Victoria’s where I go.  

We work hard, we work smart, we work together.  All through the year. In any kind of weather.  Teachers give and children share.  This school is a school that cares.  Hear our voices in the air.  
Queen Victoria’s where I go. I’m proud that it’s my school. And I want you to know. Children from around the world. Come here to learn and grow. Queen Victoria’s where I go.


QUEEN VICTORIA MISSION STATEMENT   Queen Victoria Public School is committed to providing a safe and secure environment and to maintaining an ideal learning and working atmosphere that respects the rights of all members of the school community.        
Work Hard:    Be here every day . Be on time. Concentrate and listen. Complete assignments and homework. Read every day. Do your best at all times. Take responsibility for learning.
Work Smart:   Follow instructions.Ask questions. Set goals and make a plan. Ask others for help. Try new activities. Learn from experiences. Enjoy each day. Use your time wisely

Work Together:    Listen to others. Help one another. Participate. Celebrate successes. Walk inside the school. Play safely in the yard.   We are a team.  Do not litter. Reduce, reuse and recycle.


Queen Victoria Parenting and Literacy Centre - Queen Victoria Child Care Centre St. Mark's Daycare Centre Sunfower House Daycare Centre - Faculty of Education teacher training, Parkdale Collegiate co-op students - Collaboration with local community/social agencies - Community Outreach to support new play environment for Primary Yard - Queen Victoria Partners for Early Learning unites QV, the parenting and childcare centres,and other important agencies - Settlement Worker Community Outreach Worker - School Community funds through dance-a-thons to support programs e.g. Grade 6 Graduation,playscape,sports teams shirts and travelling costs etc. - Parent volunteers assist in classrooms and on field trips - Parenting workshops, Parents and children 0-6 take part in the Parenting Centre, Health Screening Carousels, Public Health Parenting Programs