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Nelson Mandela Park Public School's Mission Statement

Nelson Mandela Park Public School is an inner city school offering JK to Grade 8 programs.  We are located in the heart of Regent Park in a recently rebuilt state of the art building that is bright, beautiful, and filled with lots of amazing spaces for learning.  We have a student body of just over 500 students that is incredibly diverse with over 30 different home languages represented at our school.  Nelson Mandela Park PS has a dedicated staff who work their utmost to serve the needs of our school community.  We are focussed on building a "Culture of Caring" at our school that addresses the social and emotional wellbeing of students, but also extends to caring about ensuring high quality teaching and learning for all of our students.

The original Park School was built in 1853. The present Nelson Mandela Park School is the oldest public school in Toronto on its original site. It should be noted that our school was renamed in October of 2001 in honour of Nelson Mandela when he came to visit our school.

Mission Statement

As part of the Toronto District School Board, we value:
- each and every student;
- a strong public education system;
- a partnership of students, schools, family and community;
- the uniqueness and diversity of our students and our community;
- the commitment and skills of our staff;
- equity, innovation, accountability and accessibility;
- learning environments that are safe, nurturing, positive and respectful.

At Nelson Mandela Park Public School, we are committed to building a "Culture of Caring" that allows all of our students to reach their maximum potential. Our "Culture of Caring" means:

We care about quality teaching and learning for all of our students;
We care about having high expectations for all of our students;
We care about social justice, and making our world a better place.

More Information About Nelson Mandela Park Public School


Our Literacy goals are to promote student achievement in reading, writing and oral language development through comprehensive literacy programming. With continual support, our emphasis will be on thinking critically as well as constructing and communicating knowledge from a wide variety of sources.


Our Numeracy goals are to ensure student success through the use of problem solving skills and the ability to reason and prove.  Students will develop reflective practices and the ability to choose appropriate mathematical strategies.  Students will develop the abilities to justify and communicate their thinking and ideas clearly.


To ensure smooth and successful transitions, we will strive to offer multiple opportunities for students to experience success.  Through innovative and experiential programming, students will engage meaningfully in their learning. 

Parent and Community Engagement

Our school will focus on having ongoing, effective communication strategies that engage parents, individuals, community groups, and organizations in school life at Nelson Mandela Park Public School. We believe our school is the heart of the community and education serves to empower all community members.

Additional Features

  • Breakfast and Lunch Programs
  • Co-Curricular Sports and Clubs
  • Instrumental and Steel Pan Bands
  • Safe Walk Program
  • Parent and Family Literacy Centre
  • Partnering with Community Agencies
  • Pathways to Education Homework Club
  • Greenwood Clubs

Student Life - Where You Belong


Nelson Mandela Park Public School provides a wide array of co-curricular programming geared to the varied apptitudes and interests of all our students.  These programs offer students an opportunity to further develop their self esteem and social skills.  Students can participate in a number of activities such as: sports teams; Guitar Club; Girls Computer Coding Club; Drumming Circle; Homework Club; Girls Club; Boys 2 Men; and students can engage in leadership through groups like Student Council.  In conjunction with our school based programming we also offer a host of programs in collaboration with local community agencies.  


Nelson Mandela Park PS has an incredibly rich technology environment where the majority of our classes have interactive smartboards.  All classes have LCD projectors that allow teachers to connect to Web based resources through our school's wireless network.  We have an approximate 2:1 ratio for students to high quality mobile computing devices such as iPads, Macbooks, and Netbooks.  We have been able to build this stellar collection of Information Technology resources through funding from the TDSB Model Schools program and by working with various charitable organizations.


At Nelson Mandela Park Public School we believe that our community must include parents, caregivers, school staff and community agencies. Parents and caregivers are invited to a number of events throughout the year to celebrate and participate in their children’s education. Parents are also encouraged to come into the school, volunteer and join the School Council which meets monthly.  We strive to have interpreters whenever needed as well as provide translations of flyers and letters sent home. As founding members of the School Community Action Alliance of Regent Park we continue to work with and develop strong partnerships with community agencies that support children and their families in Regent Park.  Some of these partnerships include working with Universities and Colleges, Pathways to Education, Greenwood College, Youth Empowering Parents program, and the Verity Group.