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Pape Avenue Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Pape Avenue School at its present site, the corner of Pape and Langley Avenue, began as a four-room school on April 10, 1899.  The principal and two teachers taught six classes from Grade one to Grade three.  As the population grew, several additions were made to the building from 1908 to 1914, with the newest wing built in 1958.  Originally consisting of a population mainly of British heritage, today Pape Avenue School is a community of students from diverse cultural, linguistic, and socio-economic backgrounds.  The school celebrated its 100th anniversary on April 17, 1999.

  • The school serves approximately 330  students; the two largest language groups represented are those of Chinese and English speaking backgrounds.
  • The school provides a Parenting Centre from 9-1:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Parents and community members are invited to participate in this enriching environment.
  • Pape Children's House Childcare  works closely with the school to provide a positive atmosphere for students. 
  • Supports are given in varying degrees to meet the needs and abilities of all students. 


Tribes is a process that helps create a culture  of  learning and social development. These Tribes strategies have established a caring, responsive and focused learning community. High expectations for all students are balanced with caring and supportive staff. All of our students are familiar with the essential four agreements which  provide a common language to be used throughout the school. Students are provided with many opportunities to demonstrate their personal and social responsibility.  Monthly assemblies that reflect  an arts focus, tribes agreements, along with Character Education traits reinforce a positive sense of community.

More Information About Pape Avenue Junior Public School

Parent and Family Literacy Centre

Each morning parents and caregivers participate in our very active Parenting and Literacy Centre. Together they sing, read stories, discuss child development and share the wonderful joys of parenting. On many days, fantastic homemade cuisine is shared by all.

Active Living

From the early dawn hours local residents can be seen practising Ti Chi on the school tarmac. Our students are involved in a variety of  events such as track and field, the Terry Fox Run and cross country training. Active participation at all skill levels is highly promoted regardless of ability or previous  experience. Effort and sportsmanship are essential skill sets.  

Early Learning at Pape

Our school offers the Full Day Learning Program for  Kindergarten students.  Together the teacher and Early Childhood Educator provide a rich and stimulating program for the students.  With the lens of a Reggio Inspired approach, students and staff  develop  rich student  projects to compliment the learning for our students. 

Staff Development

Our staff meet monthly to discuss and analyze current daily practises in their classrooms. Carefully planned units of study, known as Inquiry cycles are implemented. Teaching is clearly focused on developing critical thinking skills for our students of the Twenty First Century.

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Pape School students are encouraged to participate in the many extra-curricular activities offered each term. Students may select from a variety of sports activities such as  floor hockey, Karate club, Gaga Club, skipping and many more. We also offer other stimulating choices such as yoga, art club, chess, Blue Spruce and Silver Birch reading club, folk dancing, and games club. A large component of students elect to participate in the school drama club which showcases a large scale musical production.  In  a small  group class setting , learning the violin is an option for students in the junior grades.


We are a small community that prides itself on creating an inclusive, positive and caring atmosphere. We are fortunate to have a dedicated and supportive  Parent School Council who help to facilitate many of our cherished traditions. At the beginning of the school year our Council organizes the Welcome Back BBQ. Our largest fundraising event, the Hoot'N Howl is well known as a Fall community event. Other annual events are our International Feast, Dance-a-thon, Read-a-thon, Jump Rope for Heart and the whole school movie theatre excursion. We are fortunate to have Pape Children's  House Childcare on-site, which allows our staff  to work collaboratively together to provide a stimulating learning environment for our young learners. 


 We enthusiastically invite parents and community members to be actively involved in the life of our school. Several of our parents are artists and they provide  opportunities  along with various materials for our students use. Parents are invited to join classes on trips to  provide our students with greater  opportunities to see the world.   Community resources from various institutions such as medical students from the University of Toronto, Early Childhood Education students, Faculty of Education students and Coop students from various local High Schools are all welcomed additions to our school community. We have a partnership with the BLG community( a law firm)  where  volunteers read with our grade one students on a weekly basis. Matty Eckler, our local Community Centre, provides many  after school programs for our students.