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Palmerston Avenue Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Palmerston Ave. Public School is located in the Seaton Village area of the downtown Toronto Annex community. The school was first built in 1889. In 1897 a third floor was added and in 1915 the Annex building was constructed. The newer building opened in 1956. Palmerston Ave PS offers programs Kindergarten to Grade 6 with an enrollment of approximately 470 students.  The school is a dual track school offering both English and French Immersion programs and serves children from the immediate neighbourhood.


Palmerston has been a TDSB Eco School since 2008 and was Gold-accredited in 2010 and 2012.  Our Eco committee comprises of parents, students and staff who work together on many initiatives. We provide leadership and educate students about the importance of the environment and what they can do to contribute to a healthier planet. We are proud to have ECO Kids for both primary and junior students.  Some of our initiatives include; no idling zone, recycling, waste and energy reduction, planting and litterless lunches.  At Palmerston we are Green!

More Information About Palmerston Avenue Junior Public School


We offer a Balanced Literacy Program in both English and French Immersion classrooms that effectively meet the needs of all learners.   Our library resource center has been extensively updated and offers a wide selection of English and French materials.


We focus on the effective teaching of all five strands of the mathematics curriculum through problem solving. Students are encouraged to explain their thinking using pictures, numbers and words with appropriate math vocabulary. We use a number of resources including manipulatives, text books, technology and Ministry Guide Books in our math programs.


Palmerston has a very strong program in the arts which is enhanced by our Enrichment Clusters.  All students from K-6 enjoy a vocal music program.  Our Primary choir has over 50 students participating. Students also benefit from many itinerant music programs; Recorder, Strings and Band. Dance and theatre presentations in French and English that provides enrichment for all.


We have a very active Physical Education program at Palmerston.  All students from K to Grade 6 receive Physical Education along with DPA from their classroom teacher.  We offer many competitive and non-competitive opportunities with a wide variety of school teams, winning many city championships.  Throughout the year we also offer various house leagues for the students.

Additional Features

  • School Play Productions
  • Visiting Scientist and Artists
  • Pizza Lunches
  • Enrichment Clusters
  • Roots Of Empathy
  • International Languages

Student Life - Where You Belong


Palmerston is an exciting place! While emphasis remains on curriculum initiatives, we strive to maintain a balance among the arts, sports and academic subjects. With an annual drama production and musical concerts involving choirs, recorder, band and strings, students
connect their learning to the real world. There are a number of extra curricular activities for students: Chess Club, Drama Club, Scrabble Club, Computer Club, Eco Club, and Peacekeepers to name a few.  During the year we also participate in the Spelling Bee, the Geography Challenge, and as well, Junior and Primary classes work together as reading buddies, the Read Aloud Book Club and the Forest Reading Club. Students contribute annually in writing poetry for the TDSB's Urban Voices publication. We are proud of the commitment our staff and community offer to our school to make it a wonderful place to learn.


At Palmerston Ave. Public School we are a community school where staff, students, and parents work together to enrich the daily school experiences of each child.  There is a sense of pride and a long tradition of positive home-school relations and a climate of high expectations.  We work hard to create an inclusive, safe, friendly and stimulating environment where students, staff parents/guardians and others are valued and respected for their diversity and uniqueness.  Our programing fosters academic excellence, critical thinking, self-discipline and a love of learning. We believe  that all children can learn successfully in and out of the classroom.  At Palmerston we are a community within a community!


School Council plays a vital role in our school.  It's a forum through which parents and other members of the school community can contribute to improving student achievement and school performance.  Parents are involved in fund raising, volunteering in the classroom, on field trips and around the school for various activities.  We have more than 20 parents who help make our Enrichment Clusters a success.  We have developed partnerships with the a local seniors home and a local refugee center.  We connect with St. Albans Community Center and Palmerston Day Care which is located in our school.