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Niagara Street Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Niagara Street Public School is a small school where we value a more personal touch and individual attention for each student.  The school sits in the heart of one of the largest urban renewals the city has ever seen.  Niagara Street Public School is a community in which all members have the right to expect a safe, caring and respectful learning environment. We come from cultural and economically diverse backgrounds and we value this diversity. A few of our families are learning English. Some of our families speak a different language at home and at school. Many of our families come from Canada. Wherever you come from, Niagara Street is a wonderful place to be! Niagara is the "little school with the big heart"

The School Community

Niagara Street is home to the Garrison Creek Community Daycare and a Parenting and Family Literacy Centre.
The Daycare is one of the best in the city.  Students from age 2.5 to 11 years encounter a warm and caring staff and exciting programs.
The Parenting Centre is open for parents or caregivers to drop in with their preschoolers for friendship, socializing, information, support and circle time. Children will start to get comfortable coming to school at an early age.
Our school collaborates with both of these centres to form a seamless transition for kindergarten students going to and from childcare. It's all in the same building!

More Information About Niagara Street Junior Public School

We Are Committed to Academic Excellence

At Niagara Street Public School, we are committed to ensuring that each student achieves to the best of their ability. Our standardized test scores are good, although not always reported due to our size. Parents are our partners in the education of their children and ongoing, regular communication is important to this partnership. 

We are Committed to Healthy, Active Students

At Niagara Street, students have Physical Education every day delivered by a Phys. Ed. Specialist.  There are also opportunites for team sports, intermural and intramural tournments and games, clubs and even our own Olympics.
We also have a healthy daily snack program for each student. We believe that healthy, active students learn better!

We Are Committed to the Integration of the Arts

We belive that integrating music and arts into all aspects of the curriculum enhances education.   Niagara Street students express themselves in drama, dance, band, strings and visual arts. Visiting artists devise projects to enrich the arts program and decorate the school. The school musical and our talent show highlight our performance skills.

We Are Technologically Minded

Students at Niagara Street PS are engaged by the use of technology in lesson presentation and by being able to research and prepare.  Niagara Street has Smart Boards, Mobis, ITouchs and laptops in regular use, and an excellent Librarian who helps students combine the many ways to use research and access information.

Additional Features

  • Every student is known by name.
  • Support for special needs students
  • We are environmentally conscious.
  • Daily nutritious snacks
  • We celebrate our success
  • We partner with local businesses
  • Daily Physical Education
  • Specialist Teachers

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students at Niagara have a multitude of opportunities to be engaged in a variety of activities.
Sports: Intermural: cross country team, track and field, badminton, soccer, basketball, volleyball
Intramural:  Soccer, badminton, basketball, swimming
Library Activities: Silver Birch and Blue Spruce Programme, computer lab, Reading Club, Reading Buddies, trips to Sanderson Library  
Leadership Programme: Morning announcements delivered by students, fundraising for local and international charities, mentoring younger students, Leadership Club
Arts and Music:  Band, Strings,Choir, after arts programmes, visiting artists, School Musical and Talent Show
Other Clubs and School Programmes: Chess, Eco Club  
Special Programs: Home School and Special Education Resource support, Itensive Support Programme
Community Activities: Character Education, Student of the Month Assemblies, Community Pasta Dinner, Holiday Pot Luck Lunch, Pizza in the Park celebration
Students are encouraged to explore, experience new things and discover new interests.


What sets us apart is the sense of belonging.  Many people comment on the welcoming, warm, engaged feeling everyone gets when they enter the school. Being a small school we get to know the students quickly. Teachers and parents collaborate and work together for the benefit of the students. Our ultimate goal is that everyone in the building feels that they are respected, valued and successful.  We have discovered that feeling successful is success. This is a great place to learn.
Students at Niagara Street are encouraged to try new things and to experience activities that appeal to their interests. Teachers are encouraged to take courses and they share their talents by providing extra curricular activities for the students at lunch and after school. We send students to many athletic events and special activites to promote success. Students are encouraged to take on responsibilities in the school and to be socially conscious.
Niagara Street students are confident, healthy and successful.  We are "the little school with the BIG heart!"


Our parents are our best partners. 
The School Council  meets 5 to 6 times a year. It is well attended, active and enthusiatic. 
-Parents have a fantastic and informative blog
-Parent volunteers support Reading curriculum by giving individual coaching to students
-Parents volunteer for special classroom activities
-Parents plan and run  special events at the school (Annual holiday luncheon, Pizza in the Park celebration)
-Parents attend and participate in regional school meetings (Ward meetings)