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Lord Lansdowne Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Lord Lansdowne School is a French Immersion Centre, with French Immersion classes only. Beginning in 2022-2023, we have classes from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. There are no English classes at Lord Lansdowne – local students are directed to Kensington Community School for the JK to Grade 6 regular English program.

French Immersion applications are open from October 31 - November 26, 2022.  To apply, please visit the application site: .

School Mission

Our mission is to maintain our tradition of excellence that provides equitable opportunities for student success and engages them to become life-long learners and contributing members of society. We value:
* Students, teachers and parents/caregivers
* Creative minds and risk takers
* High standards in literacy and numeracy
* Ongoing professional development for staff
* Learning environments that are safe, nurturing and positive
* Partnerships of students, staff and community
* Students' responsibility for their own learning
* Advocacy for students and staff

More Information About Lord Lansdowne Junior Public School


Students have many opportunities to build leadership skills. They can be members of a club or a sports team. They can also assist teachers and the administration by volunteering in other classrooms or by being office helpers or on the announcement team.


We believe:
- that regular exercise builds a healthy brain and body
- that playing team sports builds character, agility and social skills
Athletic Teams:
* Badminton, Basketball, Cross Country
* Soccer
* Track and Field, Volleyball

Professional commitment to excellence

Our exemplary EQAO results at both Grade 3 and Grade 6, as noted in the Fraser report, show our commitment to academic excellence. Our job is to teach students to think, to reason mathematically, to speak, read and write effectively as citizens of the world.

Staff are building professional skills in planning, instruction and assessment through professional learning sessions. Our focus this year is to increase student achievement where teacher learning follows the TDSB's Collaborative Inquiry approach. 

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Lord Lansdowne, students participate in a wide range of events and activities. These include:
* leadership activities, through drama, chess and many sports,  clubs such as Eco, Coding, Book and Guitar. Library Helpers, Office Helpers and the Announcement Team gives students the chance to deepen and enrich their personal and social lives


At Lord Lansdowne, we are proud of our longstanding tradition of excellence in music. We believe that the study of music promotes imagination, appreciation and the joy of knowing that a whole ensemble is greater than the sum of its parts.
Our music programs promote good practice habits; the discipline of working together where each student needs to match in tune, in time and in style with the ensemble; an understanding of the essentials of music and the joy of performance.


- Public Library class visits (K - 6) - Community volunteers - University of Toronto students, University of Toronto Math Dept students/volunteers - Co-op students (George Brown College Early Childhood Program; Ryerson University Child and Youth Worker Program) - Collaboration with community/social agencies, e.g., Metro Police, St. Stephen's Community House,  - School Community Council - Parent volunteers involved on a regular basis in classroom support, school library, fund-raising, and committee work.