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King Edward Junior and Senior Public School's Mission Statement

King Edward is a K- 8 school offering the regular English program in Grades 1-6 and a quadruple track program in Grades 7-8.  The 4 tracks are: Regular English, French Immersion, French Extended & Gifted.  

King Edward offers stimulating academic programs for diverse learners and this learning is enriched by co-curricular experiences ranging from athletics to leadership opportunities. Through continued partnership with the home, the staff provides opportunities for students to learn and grow intellectually, socially and emotionally. Students and families continue to be pleased with the commitment of the staff and the varied and rich learning opportunities afforded to students of all grades.


King Edward provides stimulating academic programs for diverse learners and the learning experience is enriched by experiences out of the classroom.
Examples of the varied academic programming inlcude: Science Fair/Invention convention, History Fair, Poetry: Urban Voices/L’Echo de la Ville, Gauss Math Contest, Educational Field Trips, Guidance Counsellor support for all students, Collaborative Resource support for students, Specialty teachers of Performing Arts, Math, Humanities, Physical Education, Science & Technology, STEM

More Information About King Edward Junior and Senior Public School


The Integrated Arts including the performing  and visual arts are highly valued at King Edward.  Teachers specializing in these areas continue to provide a rigorous academic curriculum complemented by: Primary, Junior Choir, Rock Band, Glee Club, Art Show, Student led Talent Show, Itinerant Band, Strings & Steelpan programs
Concerts and Student Performances 


The continued interests of students and the commitment of the staff enable us to provide a variety of athletic and intramural activities: Jr. Boys & Girls Basketball, Sr. Boys & Girls Basketball, Sr. Boys & Girls Volleyball, Jr. & Sr. Soccer, Sr. Co-ed Badminton, Football, Cross Country Running, Jr. & Sr. Track and Field, Jr. & Sr. Swim Team, Sr. Hockey (Co. Ed and Girls)


Year after year, students return back to King Edward to share their memories of the below activities:
Year Book Committee, Student Council led fundraisers and events,
 Drama Club and professional student performances, Jr. & Sr. Chess Club, Robotics Club/First League Lego Competition, Jr. & Sr. Gardening Club, Library Club, Glee Club, Rock Band and a Science Club.


Community building/leadership camp, Grade 8 Graduation trip, Pr. & Jr. Play day, Outdoor Education, Grade 8 Junior Achievement, Annual Art Show & Silent Auction, , Talent Show, Teacher vs. Student sports games, School dances/social celebrations, Walk to School Iniative

Additional Features

  • Focus on Equity & Social Justice
  • SMARTBOARDS, iPads and technology
  • Overnight Leadership Camps
  • Gardening Club /ECO Schools
  • St. Stephens' Leadership camp
  • Extensive Co-curricular activities
  • Robotics & Design/Tech

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students Voices:
K: King Size spirit of the students, staff and the community
I:  Investment by students, staff and parents 
N: Neat neighbourhood
G: Great programs & activities - Gifted, Immersion and Regular
E:  Energetic Staff
D:  Diverse opportunities for learners (students and staff)
W: Winning attitude
A:  Active students
R:  Rewarding experiences 
D:  Determined School Mission
My experience at King Edward?
When I came to the Open House last year, I was nervous. Lots of teachers, lots of freedom and lots of choices to make!  I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to King Edward - but now I have been here a whole year, I realize that I made a good decision!  I have made new friends and learnt a lot more in the hallways - I had thought that you only learn in the classroom with a teacher. My teachers have encouraged me to learn from situations, events, people (not just the textbooks)!  Teachers here are all unique - they are not cookie cutters.  They each have their own personality, their own style.  Some are difficult to like but you definitely learn from them.  I feel like I have a voice.


As a quadruple-track school Kindergarten to Grade 8, we are unique in many ways. Our students in the Grade 7 Immersion program mostly come from Dewson & Palmerston, students in the Grade 7 Gifted program mostly come from Clinton and other schools across the city. Students in the French Extended program, come from many different schools and Students in the English Grade 7 program come from our feeder schools.  The diverse mix of students add a very refreshing dimension to our culturally and socio-economically diverse community.  We organize our school so that it facilitates specialty teaching in subject areas in the Grades 7 & 8, thus enabling our students to receive an intentionally focused learning opportunities.  We also have SMART Boards and Promethean Board that are actively used by staff and students to enrich the technology component.  Spanish and Mandarin languages are offered as part of the integrated school day. 


King Edward Public School is a community-centred school, where parent involvement is welcomed and valued, and an emphasis is placed on a partnership between home and school. The King Edward School Council and parents are actively involved in all areas of school life including safety, greening of the school, planning, implementation of school policies, fund raising and special events such as the Art Fair, Fall barbecue, Teacher & Appreciation Luncheon, Community Clean-up, Partnerships with St. Stephens' Community Centre, COSTI Centre, Terry Fox Run and Jump Rope for Heart to name a few. 
We also have enriching partnerships with Ryerson University, York, OISE, Queen's and George Brown.  We continually engage in inviting community authors, guest speakers, industry professionals and tradespeople to share their expertise with our students.