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Kimberley Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Originally Mary Street School, Kimberley Junior Public School is situated at the corner of Main and Swanwick Streets in East Toronto. October 18th, 1997 marked the school's centennial celebration.  We are a small community school that promotes caring for, and support of, all individuals in our "family". Kimberley shares its facilities with Beaches Alternative School, which has four first-floor classrooms. The present building is comprised of two floors with a gym/auditorium which is shared by both schools. We also have two portables which are used by teachers as they need extra space. We have an expanded Gym and a new Library Resource Centre.  

Learning from the land: gardening

At Kimberley, families and classes work together to garden and improve our learning and play spaces.  Volunteers work with our Gardening team which is part of the school council.

More Information About Kimberley Junior Public School

Welcome to Kindergarten

New families will be invited to a Welcome to Kindergarten event in June.  We will meet  in the school's gym where the teachers will  provide a brief overview of their program.  All are then invited to participate in  typical inquiry-based learning activities. New Junior Kindergarten students will take home a bag of activities.

Parents are welcome to register children born in 2020 for Junior Kindergarten, September 2024. Registration will open in the first week of February 2024 using the following link:
To attend Senior Kindergarten, your child must turn 4 by December 31, 2019 (children already registered at Kimberley for JK do not need to register for SK).


Classrooms from K- 6 have access to chrome book carts and ipads.  One to one devices continue to be rolled out to students in grade 5. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

We offer opportunities for the Grade 4, 5 and 6 students to try out for our various sports teams. Cross country welcomes students from the primary grades. We have many other interest-based clubs available to students.

Community Connections

We work closely with our daycare provider, Centre 55. Centre 55 uses our classrooms and gym for their before and after-school programs. We are also fortunate to have Main Street Public Library right next door to the school allowing for strong classroom/community partnerships.

Additional Features

  • The Arts
  • Play Days
  • Fundraising
  • Social Justice Initiatives
  • Professional Learning Initiatives
  • School Safety Programs
  • Field Trips
  • School Concerts

Student Life - Where You Belong


We provide learning experiences which help students become well-rounded learners in life.  Learning instruction includes a full-time music teacher, a physical education teacher and a librarian. Our extra-curricular activities are many and varied so as to offer additional opportunities that meet the many interests of our students. We offer a daily snack program.


Kimberley Junior P.S. is a unique learning environment as it shares a building as well as a single administrator with Beaches Alternative School.  Our teachers are dedicated to collaborating with colleagues in both schools on many levels.  The two schools come together on several occasions (i.e., sport teams, clubs, visiting artists etc.) thus creating a feeling of community, which fosters an understanding and respect for diversity.  As a small school we are able to know each and every family.  Our facilities include a full sized gym, a well designed multi-purpose library with a story telling area, computer lab and student research area.  We also have a well-resourced music classroom thus allowing us  to offer Orff, recorder, drumming and vocal instruction during music class. 


Our school strives to create positive partnerships with our parents.  To that end, parents are welcome to volunteer in the school for their child's learning. For example, parents read with children, go on field trips and provide input and expertise for our greening plan.  Our active parent council assists our school with many learning initiatives (i.e. various fundraising events, organizing the snack program and specialty lunch days, literacy night and facilitating school/community events).   Through our silent auction and family movie night, and book fairs we support local businesses. 
Our surrounding community offers multiple experiences and activities to foster learning.  We can walk to Main Street Library and Ted Reeve arena/park.  Our natural environment provides opportunities to explore the ravine and beach ecosystems.