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Keele Street Public School's Mission Statement

Keele Street Public School is located in the High Park area near the intersection of Bloor St. and Keele St. The school has approximately 490 students. Keele Street Public School offers Kindergarten to Grade 8 programs. The school shares space with the Keelmount Daycare Centre, and the Keele Community Centre and swimming pool.

Our School Community Motto is "Let's Learn Together". We are committed to fostering a sense of connection to each other and the greater community, a deep respect for the diversity of all individuals, and a true joy of learning through creative, responsive and ongoing collaboration amongst students, staff, parents and wider community members.                    

School Community Building Motto

Our School Community Motto is "Let's Learn Together". We are committed to fostering a sense of connection to each other and the greater community, a deep respect for the diversity of all individuals, and a true joy of learning through creative, responsive and ongoing collaboration amongst students, staff, parents and wider community members.

More Information About Keele Street Public School

Music Program at Keele Street

Through our Music specialist, we provide an interactive and fun music program throughout our curricular and extra-curricular activities.  Students receive an integrated and enriched Music program, which extends into the other school programs and into community partnerships.

The Arts at Keele Street

The Arts are integral to everyday life at Keele.  We have Choirs, Drama and Dance, Visual Arts, Drum and Guitar Clubs.
Students are eager to showcase their talents at our Winter and Spring Concerts or Talent Show. Through the Prologue Arts program, students experience live theatre and dance presentations, reflecting cultural diversity and character development.

Skill Development and Team Building Through SPORTS

Our students benefit from a Physical Education and Health specialist who emphasizes the importance of regular fitness and health throughout students' lives. Skill development, cooperative sportsmanship, team work and achieving ones personal best are all valued. Opportunities to participate on both school teams and in-house leagues are available to all students.  

Keele Street offers all variety of TDESAA organized athletics for boys, girls and coed teams and individual events.  We proudly offer soccer, flag football, softball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, track & field, cross-country, ice hockey, water polo, swimming, and Dragon Boating.

Student Recognition Assemblies

Each month, students are selected for citizenship and academic achievement by teachers.  They are recognized during an in class assembly, attended by parents. Those recognized practise the values of our motto "Let's Learn Together" through conscious demonstration of compassion, friendship, cooperation, problem-solving, celebration of diversity and academic success.

At the conclusion of each month, students unite at School Community Building Assemblies to celebrate Character Education themes and offer presentations that reflect each month's focus.

Additional Features

  • School Community Building Assembly
  • Arts, Music, Chess, Lego,Book Clubs
  • Peacekeepers
  • KHL Ball Hockey League Intramurals
  • Swim Meets and Water Polo Teams
  • Library Ambassadors
  • iPads, MacBook and Laptops
  • Dragon Boat Regatta

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Keele Street, we have monthly Student Recognition Assemblies in classrooms, Winter and Spring Concerts, Literacy, Critical Pathway celebrations, Math or Multicultural Family Nights, Family Fun Nights, teams in volleyball, basketball, badminton, baseball, football, cross country, hockey, soccer, house leagues, swim team, track and field, as well as clubs in Music, Dance, Drama, Guitar, itinerant band and strings, chess, library clubs/ ambassadors, student council leadership. Our pool provides opportunity for weekly aquatics instruction and swim teams.


Students of the Keele/Mountview community benefit from a wide variety of enrichment activities throughout the school day, at lunch time, before and after school.  One example is our annual day trip to Hardwood Hills where junior students enjoy a day of cross country skiing together with staff and parent volunteers.  Teachers enthusiastically volunteer their time to lead new clubs and initiatives meeting the ever-growing needs and interests of their students. "Let's Learn Together" is visible in the classrooms, hallways and schoolyard.  For example, our Grade 5/6 students work closely with the Grade 5/6 students of Mountview Alternative P.S. in collaborative team building activities annually to foster a sense of community.  Our students embrace school community opportunities, extracurricular teams and clubs, "Right to Play" games and conflict resolution strategies, all supported by their teachers commitment to developing school spirit and community pride.


Grade 2/3 students visit a Senior Centre to participate in arts and crafts; coop secondary students, OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) student teachers, Scientists-in -the School, Prologue of the Arts, High Park Nature Centre, Big Brothers; collaboration with community/social agencies: Keele Community Centre, Keelmount Daycare, Public Library; Community officer school programs; support of 11th Division for community educational programs and Safe School practises; parent volunteers assist in classrooms, field trips, swimming and in classroom activities; Family Math/Literacy evenings; active participation in Keele School Council activities, Ward 7 Meetings, Various Council & School  activities - parent reps on Safe Schools' Committee