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Givins/Shaw Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Givins/Shaw Public School serves students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 and is at the hub of a vibrant and diverse community in the west end of downtown Toronto.
Although the buildings have changed over time, there has been a Toronto school on our site for more than 150 years and we are proud of our educational heritage.
We are a comprehensive school and we continue to work hard to maintain and enhance our reputation in the community as being warm, welcoming, safe, fun, and inclusive.
Our students are provided with a balanced education that enables them to engage in rich projects in all subject areas, and augment their learning through the use of technology. 
It is great to be a Bulldog.

Community partnerships include neighbouring Artscape, Trinity-Bellwoods Park, and Trinity Community Recreation Centre.
Our school shares space with the Givins-Shaw Community Daycare Centre. The site is also used for the Toronto District School Board’s International Languages program (Portuguese, Spanish, and Cantonese).

Achievement Focus

At Givins/Shaw we want our students to be actively engaged learners who feel confident in their problem-solving abilities. We have high standards for our students. Our teachers, in collaboration with the students, provide challenging units of study and ensure that every student is able to achieve to the best of his or her ability. A Givins/Shaw classroom is an active place with focused students and teaching staff who excel in facilitating rich learning opportunities. 

More Information About Givins/Shaw Junior Public School

Eco School

School yard enhancement has been a goal that students, staff and parents have been involved in since the renovation of the school in 2001. Several garden plots have been planted.  Our butterfly garden and the Kindergarten Conifer garden are beautiful places for our children to explore.  Givins/Shaw strives to be eco friendly in all we do. 

Well-being Focus

At Givins/Shaw we place a great value on the health and well-being of our students, community and staff.  A variety of 'minds-on' activities are employed in our classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade 6 in order to assist students with transitions and prepare them for the next part of the day. We are also actively involved with our vibrant neighbourhood.

Safe and Caring Schools

At Givins/Shaw we place great importance in creating a safe learning/teaching environment. We have a well developed Safe Schools plan that effectively addresses issues related to responsible citizenship. Respectful behaviour, progressive discipline and appreciation of differences is expected of all stakeholders at Givins/Shaw.


Givins/Shaw has a rich tradition in athletics dating back almost 100 years. Both houseleague and school teams encourage students to improve their skills and practise sportsmanship. We always compete to the best of our ability but our main goal is to have fun and develop our skills. That's what it means to play like a Givins/Shaw Bulldog. 

Additional Features

  • Safe and Caring Schools Initiatives
  • Balanced Literacy and Numeracy
  • Partnership between home and school
  • Child Care Centre
  • Eco School
  • Strong Arts program
  • RAP: Read Aloud Program

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students at Givins/Shaw participate in a variety of activities and events. They are highly active and are encouraged to develop their interests. Character education is imbedded in all that takes place inside and outside the classroom. We keep our community informed of the variety of events taking place at our school through our website ( and our twitter account (@GivinsShaw ).


Givins/Shaw provides an inclusive learning/teaching environment where students, staff, parents, caregivers and visitors feel valued and respected. Givins/Shaw is known in the community as a welcoming, cheerful school. Givins/Shaw has a strong focus on the Arts and on responsible environmental practices.


• Public library class visits
• Relationship with Trinity Recreation Centre
• TYPE Books, School Council provides input into initiatives and plans. The School Council is involved in fundraising and in supporting school events and activities.
• Website and Twitter
• Parents active in initiating and implementation of projects such as Eco Schools- Parents on committess such as School Improvement Plan Committee, Nutrition Committee, Staffing Committee  RAP:Read Aloud Program
• Classroom volunteers
• Parent work regularly in classrooms
• Arts Alive
• Special Events