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Frankland Community School's Mission Statement

Frankland strives to provide a safe and caring learning environment where each child has the opportunity to reach a high level of achievement and develop the knowledge, skills, and values to become a responsible member of our Canadian society. We are proud of the unique community culture and sense of belonging fostered within our school, and encourage participation in a wide variety of activities. In focusing on academic excellence, responsible self-esteem, and respect for all members of society, our students are encouraged and guided to reach their full potential. At Frankland, we honour the partnership between school, home, and community. We believe that together we can make a difference for the future of our children.

Frankland Turned 100 in 2010.

In 2010 Frankland celebrated its 100 year anniversary with an Open House on Saturday, May 15th.  Each classroom highlighted a decade; visitors were able to view archival material, meet old friends, and leave a note.
We continue our work towards ensuring that all students reach high levels of achievement rooted in a rich tradition of strong partnerships with our parent community.
We all know the story of 'The Little Train that Could' - it teaches us the value of optimism and hard work. Frankland is the little school that Could

More Information About Frankland Community School

School Focus on Reading and Writing

Each term all classes focus on one learning strategy that involves higher order thinking. In Term One the entire school will focus on Summarizing, in Term 2 on Making Connections, and in Term 3 on Making Inferences/ Reasoning and Proof. We encourage our students to be curious, ask good questions, strive for excellence, and apply their learning in new and creative ways.


The Board's Foundation Statement in Equity highlights five areas. With the support of School Council,  Frankland has purchased multiple copies of picture books so that each month all the classes read the same book that highlights one of these foundation elements. We encourage our students to stand up for what is right, and realize they can make a difference in the world.

Staying active for life

We encourage an active lifestyle. Frankland has a warm pool that we share with the community centre; all students swim once a week and students Gr. 3-6 are encouraged to join the Swim Team. Running Club is open to all students Fall and Spring. In the winter, classes can go skating in nearby Withrow Park . Gr.4-6 participate in an annual ski trip.


Frankland has a rich music programme. Each class has music delivered by a music teacher. Over 120 children particpate in the primary choir (Gr.1 and 2) and the junior choir (Gr.3-6). The Strings and Band programmes are taught by itinerant Music Dept staff and are available to Gr.5 and 6 students. Perfomances include a Winter Concert and an annual whole-school musical .

Additional Features

  • SmartBoards in all junior classes
  • Computer lab in the Library
  • IT instruction at all levels
  • Integrated media studies

Student Life - Where You Belong


Frankland students are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the school.
Sports, Music , Drama: (see also the more information section). Students who participate in Running Club can go on to the TDSB Cross-Country meets in the Fall. In the Spring we hold a School Track and Field meet at nearby Riverdale Park, and some students move on to TDSB meets. Students Gr.4-6 can try out for teams in Softball, Basketball, and Soccer.
This year's musical will be Willy Wonka. Involved are not only the choirs, but also the actors, dance groups, the scenery and props production team, and the stage crew.
Eco Team: A dedicated group of students leads our whole school effort to reuse, reduce, recycle, conserve energy and minimize our environmental impact.
Free The Children: As a school , we raise money to support this children-helping-children organization. The efforts are led by the Gr.6 students.
In the winter term, teachers and parents together provide a variety of co-curricular clubs during the lunch hour: Games room, Ball hockey, French club, Dance club, Art club, Media Club, and Knitting Club. Clubs vary from year to year.


Frankland Community School has established a climate of high academic expectations and positive discipline, while maintaining a warm and welcoming community environment. "Community" is a more than part of our name, it's what makes Frankland "a great place to be". Parents are actively involved in the life of the school. Older students read with younger students, as reading buddies. Classes regularly meet in community circles to ensure that student voices are heard. The Greening committee has created gardens and other green spaces in the school yard where children can play. Teachers frequently take time before and after school to help students with their work. Class projects are often focussed on school, neighbourhood, global and/or social issues. Most students  participate in a variety of co-curricular activities. Developing a climate of kindness and caring, a sense of inclusion and belonging, a place where each student and parent feels they are valued, is the reputation Frankland Community School strives to live up to.


The active Frankland School Council meets the first Wednesday of each month. Childcare is available.
Parent volunteers support our school in many ways: in classrooms, the library, Scientists in the Schools, Field trips, Co-curricular activities, Greening, Reading with students, and with the Fundraising projects: Magazine Drive, Silent Auction, Book Fair, Cookie Dough, Frankland clothing, Fun Fair.
Frankland has a number of  Community Events: Welcome Back Breakfast, Curriculum Night, Silent Auction, Winter Concert, Skating Party, Musical, Fun Fair, Art Show, Graduation  (K and 6).
We work with our extended community in many ways. We work closely with the Community Centre and Frankland Daycare. We have student teachers from University of Toronto. Students participate in Community events: Earth Day Community Clean-Up, Riverdale Share Concert.