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Earl Grey Senior Public School's Mission Statement

Earl Grey provides excellence in education for our adolescent students, as well as a full range of quality co-curricular activities ranging from athletics to leadership opportunities. Through partnership with the home, staff provides opportunities for students to learn and grow intellectually, socially and emotionally. Character Education drives Earl Grey's Caring and Safe school vision, which links to our school-wide Code of Conduct.

Earl Grey is a triple-track school offering French Immersion, Extended French and English programs. We have two Special Education programs, which offer self-contained intensive support to our students in the LD or ASD classes. We also offer a Home-school Program. We have a very active and supportive School Council whose members meet once a month and support the school with fundraising activities, volunteer time and outreach on issues of importance to the school community.

Our History

The original school opened in 1910 and was named after the Fourth Earl Grey, the ninth Governor General of Canada (term 1904-1911). The Canadian football trophy "The Grey Cup" was named in his honour. Our current building was opened in 1962 to provide specialized facilities for Grade 7 and 8 students. On November 6th, 2010, Earl Grey celebrated its 100th Anniversary with a reunion celebration, which was attended by over 400 people.

Over 350 students attend daily, representing many cultures and socio-economic groups. The diversity of our community is one of our many strengths. Earl Grey Senior School is located south of the Danforth and east of Pape Ave. on Strathcona Avenue. It is easily accessible by TTC.

More Information About Earl Grey Senior Public School

Eco School

As an Eco School, we work hard to maintain composting, recycling, energy conservation and waste reduction at our school. Our EcoTeam is dedicated to reducing waste at Earl Grey and raising awareness about issues concerning the health of our planet. We teach Eco Literacy and plan to achieve Gold status.

Community Partnerships

Earl Grey supports a wide range of University, College and High School Co-op placements, including teacher candidates, and child and youth workers. We share partnerships with the Eastview Community Centre and The Daily Food Bank.

Technology in the Classroom

At Earl Grey, our School Council and our teachers recognize the benefits that technology provides for engaging students in learning and allowing them to enhance and communicate their understanding. We continue to look for innovative ways to utilize technology as a teaching and learning tool in the classroom.

The Arts at Earl Grey

The Arts are highly valued at Earl Grey, as evidenced by our Vocal Music program, Visual Arts, Itinerant Band and Strings programs.

Additional Features

  • Focus on Equity and Social Justice
  • Design Tech. & Family Studies
  • Qualified Music Teacher
  • Active Student Council
  • Extensive sports teams
  • ECO Team

Student Life - Where You Belong


Earl Grey, a poem by Mariam
I've learned to live life and I've been taught lessons in classrooms and through strife but mostly in hallways.
I've opened new doors in these halls and seen the opportunities.  I've explored the place and seen even more.  You have nothing to be afraid of in here.
So take a leap of faith.  Open doors like I did.  You'll be completely fine and you'll have a fun time because this is Earl Grey! 
Earl Grey by Sumeya
When I first stepped into Earl Grey last year it almost felt like heaven with all the friendly faces I saw waiting to greet me.  The school is such a great place to learn and get educated.  You become friends with all kind of new faces.  The past two years have been the best two years of my life.  There have been bad days, too, but Earl Grey helped me get through those and now I can hardly wait to go to high school and show them what Earl Grey has taught me.  A big thanks to Earl Grey!


As a triple-track school, we are a complex and busy place. Our diverse students come from 7 feeder schools making us diverse racially, culturally and socio-economically. Over 30% of the day is spent with a Core teacher who teaches Language, History/Geography (semestered) and Drama. Core teachers focus their units on social justice issues, enriched by speakers, field trips, visiting artists and drama. For the remaining portion of the timetable, students take full advantage of our amazing facility. They are taught Math, Science, Core French, Core English, Music, Family Studies, STEM, Visual Arts, Aquatics and Health and Physical Education.  We also offer an awesome array of co-curricular activities that are team and club based that occur daily at Earl Grey.


We have an active School Council that meets monthly. They serve on Ward 15 Council and support the school with fundraising activities and school improvement planning. We have always had support from our community on maintaining Earl Grey's Eco initiatives. Our community partners are numerous and we value our work with them.