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Deer Park Junior and Senior Public School's Mission Statement

Deer Park Jr. & Sr. Public School is a full access facility located at Ferndale Avenue, just east of Yonge Street and north of St. Clair Ave. A Historic three storey building, with classrooms dedicated to visual arts, science, music, drama and dance for Grades 7 & 8 compose it architecture. The school hosts a gym and swimming pool enabling all students to benefit from an enriched physical education program that includes swimming. Additionally, our facility houses a daycare centre:

H.F.C.C. Heath & Ferndale Child Care (Supervisor Kim Elkas) Ages 12 months-12 years (416) 961-9678

Deer Park values its academic and co-curricular programs, our climate of respect, appreciation of diversity, and our ability to undertake program innovation and improvements. Deer Park continues to provide a learning environment that stresses a balance amongst multiple intelligences while maintaining a healthy focus on active student participation in the co and extra-curricular activities, athletics, as well as music and drama; all of which are essential components of our students' school experience.

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto

The school is located in the heart of mid town Toronto (Yonge & St. Clair) and is moments (2 blocks east) from St. Clair subway station (Yonge & St. Clair).

More Information About Deer Park Junior and Senior Public School

Profound academic track record of excellence

Deer Park students have enjoyed a proven track record of EQAO success in both the Primary and Junior divisions for the past decade. Our school is ranked in the Fraser Report's Top 10 and has held its position there steadily in past years:

Extensive extra curricular activites

The school hosts extra curricular activities with a wide sweeping girth from enriched arts (music, drama, dance) right through to varsity and intramural sports in all disciplines (Soccer, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton etc.). 

Programming for Kindergarten through Grade 8

Deer Park continues to enjoy hosting students who are new to Public School experiences as well as those preparing to transition on to High School, thus affording the opportunity for individuals to establish their roots and grow within their school.

Full access facility for students


Deer Park remains an accessible site, housing one of the TDSB’s few integrated Physical Exceptionality Classrooms. The school is complete with an elevator, change tables, automated entry systems, and a full feature restroom; allowing students with multiple physical exceptionalities full integration into mainstream classrooms.

Additional Features

  • Safe, Kind, Caring School
  • Technology
  • Licensed Day Care on Site
  • Active School Council
  • 1.5 ISP/PD Classes

Student Life - Where You Belong


Deer Park remains a positive force in the greater North Toronto community, involving itself in cooperative relationships with our feeder schools and the larger community. We believe that through a caring community we foster excellence...and through excellence, a caring community is fostered.


Students at Deer Park excel in all areas of their academic life and remain a positive and noticed group.


We have a state-of-the-art integrated Media Center in our library with multiple workstations for student use, interactive whiteboards in virtually every classroom in the school that teachers use to engage students in learning along with full WiFi. We have recently begun the shift to Tablet Technology, outfitting 4 full classrooms with sets of Apple iPad Minis.


Deer Park is a true “community school”; enjoying a healthy and active parent community. We thrive on the relationships fostered with ongoing partnerships established alongside local businesses by both our student body and parent council. Each year we celebrate our community ties with our Fun Fair, an event enjoyed by local business partners as well as our student/parent body.