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Davisville Junior Public School's Mission Statement

The school has an interesting history. Davisville PS was originally built as a two-room school in 1860 and named after the first postmaster of the Village of Davisville. The present school was built in 1962 and was the home of two separate and unique schools. In September 2002, Davisville Junior Public School and The Metropolitan Toronto School for the Deaf were twinned. Approximately 500 pupils are enrolled at Davisville PS. In September 2009 Davisville PS became a dual track school offering and English program (JK to Grade 5) and an Early French Immersion program (JK to Grade 6).

The programs at Davisville PS are based on the Ontario Curriculum and TDSB initiatives. Our school aims to:
Ensure a safe and nurturing learning environment where our students build self-esteem and learn to work together in mutual respect and trust.
Develop high levels of literacy and numeracy across the curriculum through consistency of program, staff development and links between the grade levels.

Recognition Assemblies

Collaboration, teamwork and partnerships are vital components in our community. With this in mind, students and staff meet throughout the year to concentrate on our Character Education and celebrate student achievements.

More Information About Davisville Junior Public School

Student Success

Our school is committed to student success. Teachers conduct regular assessment to ensure programming is responsive to student needs. The School Support Team meets monthly to provide support/interventions for students and families. Complementing the regular programs, Davisville PS has ESL and Special Education programs.

Healthy, Active Living

We promote a healthy, active lifestyle. Gr 1-6 classes participate in Daily Physical Activity (DPA) and have physical education class at least 3 times per week. Active play is a part of the Kindergarten Program every day. Co-curricular activities keep our students active. Our Nutrition Program provides a morning snack to all students and is run by parent volunteers.

Extra curricular sports are an important part of school life offering a variety of opportunities for boys and girls to participate in competitive teams and intramural sports. These include junior co-ed slo-pitch, soccer, basketball, volleyball, track & field and ultimate frisbee. All students can participate in cross country.

Professional Learning Teams

Staff are committed to working and learning together in Professional Learning Teams that are focused on our School Improvement Plan. Staff determine areas of curricular focus based on student achievement data, develop common assessments and analyze student work together. Next steps are then developed collaboratively to support student success.

Additional Features

  • Spectrum Alternative Senior School
  • A Variety of After School Programs
  • Parent Outreach Grant Evenings
  • Settlement Worker Program
  • Student Leadership Opportunities

Student Life - Where You Belong


Davisville PS is a school with a caring and committed staff dedicated to student success. We have a very supportive parent community that is always receptive to school initiatives. Student success is our core purpose and we strive to provide students with opportunities to learn in different ways and to experience success. Visiting performers expose all of our students to a variety of genres in the arts including dance, puppetry and live theatre. Scientist in the Schools program makes the science the children are learning more real through hands-on interactive workshops conducted throughout the year. Extra curricular sports are an important part of school life offering a variety of opportunities for boys and girls to participate in competitive team and intramural sports. These include junior boys and girls slo-pitch, soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, track & field and ultimate frisbee. All students can participate in cross country.


The student body at Davisville PS is a microcosm of Toronto.  Many of our students and parents speak a first language other than English and represent a variety of cultural backgrounds. The school provides an environment in which differences are valued and celebrated. We encourage and foster student leadership. Morning announcements are led by students from grades 5 and 6 at Davisville PS and grades 7 and 8 at Spectrum Alternative. A genuine sense of community is developed among our students and staff. We are also proud to embrace the successes of our students with special needs and their inclusion in the life of the school


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