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Cottingham Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Cottingham P.S was established in 1890.  This small school has a long history of providing excellent programs to a well established and involved parent community.  Cottingham P.S aspires to providing a learning environment that fosters academic excellence in literacy and numeracy through collaborative inquiry and differentiated instruction.  We are committed to enhancing each child's sense of self-worth, appreciation and understanding of our diverse Canadian culture. We endeavour to support all children by providing a rich, enhanced learning environment with a very keen focus on the arts, technology and sports.  Our staff and parents work in mutual advocacy to ensure our children are happy and appreciate the love of  life-long learning.   

During the 2015/2016 school year, Cottingham P.S became a member of the WE organization.  Our Cottingham World Changers foster social awareness by THINKING GLOBALLY and ACTING LOCALLY. During the year, our students participate in several endeavours helping those in need locally and around the world. 
At Cottingham, we believe in creating optimistic classrooms.We use the MIND UP curriculum to help our students become resilient, and mindful learners in and out of the classroom. We help students  develop skills to live smarter, healthier and happier lives. We also offer Yoga monthly to help students cope with the stresses they may face in school, at home and in their communities. 

School Population

Cottingham is a small community school with 160 students. It is a
JK-6 school with full day Kindergarten. Early and After Care is provided by Unicorn Day Care.  

We are pleased to have many sports teams, lunch clubs and After 4 Programs thanks to the generosity of our parent community.  All of these activities add to the joyful learning, academic success, and a powerful sense of self and community. Our Mental Health and Wellness focus for the 2017/2018 school year includes a mentorship program facilitated by the Youth Wellness Network, and a physical and self esteem program facilitated by Aussie X Movement.  Our students are benefitting by learning leadership skills and great strategies to empower and help themselves and others.  Our student achievement focus is math and our equity focus is ensuring that all of our children are learning and experiencing success through differentiated instruction.

More Information About Cottingham Junior Public School

Strong Parental Involvement

We believe that when parents take an active role in their child's education, it truly fosters academic growth and achievement. Our parent community fundraises and helps with several programs to help our students achieve their potential. Scientists in the School and Artists in the school come in regularly.  We also have embraced the Roots of Empathy Program at our school.

Our parent co-chairs facilitate an annual Speakers Series.  Presenters highlighting various topics about education and parenting help encourage parent and community participation in the education process.

School Climate

We create a welcoming, safe environment enabling children to assume responsibility for their own behaviour through mutual trust and respect. It is expected that the school code of conduct will be followed and that conflicts and problems will be resolved in a peaceful manner using restorative practice sessions and progressive discipline when necessary. (See TDSB website)

We have monthly assemblies that focus on the Toronto District School Board Character Trait Education Program.  Students that exemplify the character trait of the month are recognized with a certificate.  Topics including anti-bullying awareness and prevention are discussed and special presenters are invited to help students learn more about health, the environment and various other topics.

We are a "Closed" Attendance school

We are a "closed" school which means we only accept children within our school boundary.  Check the TDSB site for further information also.

Kindergarten Registration

Full day Kindergarten registration for families within our boundary begins is now being offered online. Please go to the TDSB website for more information starting in January 2019.
Once registered, we offer an information session and tour in June. Families will be contacted regarding tour date and time.

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students' school experiences are enhanced by the vast array of activities offered to them during the school year. Students have the opportunity to participate in sports teams as well as in the various lunch time clubs and After 4 programs including: World Changers(WE), FIRST LEGO LEAGUE,  Bee City Ambassadors, Coding, Dance, theatre, guitar, chess, board games and sports.  Music is an integral part of the students' learning experience and programs such as, Choir, Strings, Band and ORFF are introduced to the children in order to enrich their music experience.
A variety of, Outdoor Education Centres stays, and excursions to Ottawa are only a few of the examples of  the many ways in which the staff create authentic learning and hands-on experiences for students.
In addition to all of the above,  many visiting artists, drama productions,  and other presenters are brought into the school for students to develop their skills and appreciation of various art forms. Students also enjoy learning about coding, robotics, magic, cooking and hip hop during the After 4 programs. 


Cottingham is a very unique school with dedicated staff and parental involvement. Staff  engages in professional development in order to consolidate skills and learn new teaching and learning strategies. Enrichment activites are provided in areas of dance, storytelling, poetry, technology and music. Curriculum is enhanced by programs such as Scientist in the School, Artists in the School, as well as a variety of guest speakers.
EQAO assessment results at both grade 3 and 6 are excellent.  Strategies for growth and to improve student acheivement are discussed and implemented on an on going basis.


We have a School Council with many active parent members.  We welcome and appreciate our regular parent volunteers who assist in all aspects of school life, including Cross Country; the Terry Fox Run, field trips; classroom volunteers; mystery readers; Family Dance; Fun Fair; Groundhog Breakfast;  Literacy/Numeracy Night;  Abundance Program; Toronto Foundation for Student Success; Annual Bake sale; Kapla Blocks day and pizza lunches. - We welcome all parent involvement as it helps to make Cottingham the "heart of the community". - - - - - - -Other activities include: School Concerts; assemblies; plays; Boys' and Girls' Club; liaison with Public Health and CCAC; visits and workshops from the Community Police Officer; Fire station; Speaker series etc.......