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Carleton Village Junior and Senior Sports & Wellness Academy's Mission Statement

Carleton Village Junior and Senior Sports and Wellness Academy is located at 315 Osler St., north of Davenport at Osler and Connolly St.  The school serves approximately 334 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. Carleton Village houses a Daycare, a Parenting Centre, the Etobicoke Children's Centre and a swimming pool.  Several co-curricular and after school enrichment programs are also provided for students. Carleton Village has numerous partnerships including: Toronto Foundation for Student Success, The Learning Partnership, Arts for Children and Youth, Scientists in School programs, Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club, and the Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre.

Carleton Village JS Sports and Wellness Academy ensures our youngest students are ready for full day kindergarten by holding a Welcome to Kindergarten night and a two week Ready For School Connects program.

Model Schools for Inner Cities

Carleton Village is recognized as a cohort of the TDSB Model Schools for Inner Cities. We have implemented the 5 Essential Components of the Model Schools for Inner Cities Vision:
innovative teaching and learning practices; support services to meet social, emotional and physical well being of students; school as the heart of the community; research, review and evaluation of programs and commitment to sharing successful practices.

CV has a Community Support Worker to assist families within our school community and each year CV hosts hearing and vision screening clinics and a healthy child wellness check.

More Information About Carleton Village Junior and Senior Sports & Wellness Academy

Early Years Learning

Carleton Village houses a Daycare and a Parenting and Literacy Centre. We foster a network of support for the Early Years through a variety of initiatives including: Parent Workshops; Welcome to Kindergarten Registration and links with the Ontario Early Years Centre and our Ready for Schools Connects Program.

We offer a two week Ready for School Connect program through the Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre.  Carleton Village JS Sports and Wellness Academy has full day kindergarten classes.

Lunch Program

The Lunch Program is designed to help parents who are unable to care for their children over the lunch hour (11:45 am – 12:45 pm) by providing supervision.  Students can bring their own lunch from home, or purchase a freshly prepared and nutritious hot lunch using our updated cafeteria services.

Through the Toronto Foundation For Student Success and with the ongoing support of our parent community every student receives a nutritious morning snack through our Snack Program. Our parent council has organized special morning breakfasts and monthly pizza lunches.

Music at Carleton Village

The Music Curriculum, is delivered to all JK to grade 8 students by a music specialist teacher. Students in grades 5-8 can choose to receive additional music instruction in Steel Pans or in Strings.  Both programs have developed an excellent reputation based on the performance abilities and responsible attitudes of our students.  

Our Steelband performance ensemble receives many requests from our community to perform at various events. There is an auditioned primary choir open to students in grades 4 to 7. The ladies choir has performed at the opening ceremonies of the brand new Toronto Police Division 11, the Toronto Police Graduation Ceremonies and the farewell ceremony for trustee Maria Rodrigues.  Through an ongoing partnership with Arts for Children and Youth, Carleton Village is equipped with a class set of African drums that students learn to play.

House System

Carleton Village has a house system that creates a sense of community for students through intramural events, raising school spirit events and house league events. The CV houses are Falcons, Hawks, Eagles, Owls and Puffins. Participatory points are accumulated and a House Cup is awarded every year!

Additional Features

  • Performing Arts/Concerts
  • STEM education
  • Student Council/Student Leadership
  • Lego Robotics
  • TFSS Nutrition Prorgams
  • Terry Fox Run/Walk
  • Extra Curriculars
  • ECO Schools Gold Certification

Student Life - Where You Belong


Student participation and leadership in well-rounded activities that foster team leadership and skill building is at the heart of intramural and extra-curricular activities at Carleton Village JS Sports and Wellness Academy. Some of the activities for students include: the performing arts and music concerts,  social justice initiatives through Me to We Day/Free the Children; Student Council; literacy and numeracy tutoring; participation in athletics (basketball, cross-country, swim, volleyball, soccer, football, badminton, track and field).


Carleton Village JS Sports and Wellness Academy offers students the opportunity to experience a caring village. These are accomplished through a variety of activities including, but not limited to: Eco Club; character development initiatives, recognition assemblies; Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto, in-school mentoring; after-school tutoring; restorative practices and Community Use of Schools/Priority Schools Initiative.


Carleton Village JS Sports and Wellness Academy embraces parent engagement and the school as the hub of the community through a variety of activies including:
Parent Council; parent volunteers in the school; a Parent 'Hub' room; partnerships with the Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood Community and Health Centre; and the Toronto Police Community Liaison for classroom presentations.  The school collaborates with the Model Schools for Inner Cities Community Support Worker; and supports the pathways of high school students through Cooperative Education placements.