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Brock Public School's Mission Statement

Brock Public School located near College and Dufferin was founded in 1887. Our talented and dedicated staff work cooperatively to nurture excellence, responsibility, teamwork and joy through learning. Staff provide a broad range of activities for students to enjoy and become involved in. Students are encouraged to practise teamwork while having fun and keeping fit as they learn about themselves, about each other and the world in which they live. Brock is very proud to be an ECO certified school. Our Rooftop Garden engages students with the natural world in a hands-on ecological learning environment. In 2009, Brock was a finalist in the Garfield Weston Award for Excellence in Education.

Focused Learning

- best practices in literacy and numeracy instruction
- assessment and evaluation
- integration of the arts and technology throughout the curriculum
- ecological sensitivity and understanding
- development of citizenship through character education

More Information About Brock Public School

Academic Excellence: Literacy and Numeracy

The development of literacy and mathematical skills as well as encouragement of our students' fascination with science and nature is complemented with integrated arts-based learning. Our emphasis on cross curricular investigation of  local and global issues facitilates higher order creative and critical thinking as well as student engagement.

21st Century Literacy

Students at Brock enjoy a bright, colourful and recently renovated library that celebrates books, reading and information literacy. A wide range of print and electronic resources, which include a Smartboard interactive whiteboard and mini-lab, allows students to practice and explore 21st century literacies as they acquire critical thinking and research skills.

International Languages

Brock is an Integrated International Languages Extended Day school. Students may choose to study Mandarin, Portuguese or Spanish. This program is designed to give students the opportunity to learn additional languages while exploring the rich traditions of cultures other than their own.

Code of Rights and Responsibilities

Brock staff, students and parents have together developed a Code of Rights and Responsibilities that promotes an ethic of care, safety and respect for everyone in our school.

Additional Features

  • ESL Support
  • Student Support Services
  • Breakfast Club, Snack and Hot Lunch
  • Brock Early Years Learning Centre
  • McCormick Centre 3:30 Pickup
  • Transition to K-7 (September 2011)
  • Rooftop Garden
  • Gr. 8 /Full Day Kindergarten-2012

Student Life - Where You Belong


 Brock students develop strong leadership skills through:
.  involvement with social justice initiatives 
.  developing awareness through local food drives and fund-raising for global relief initiatives
.  participation in Student Council
.  promoting ecological understanding through such initiatives as the school recycling program, school yard greening and rooftop gardening
.  annual Terry Fox Hike (Dufferin Grove/High Park)
.  peer coaching and refereeing of houseleague sports 
.  helping in the kindergarten
.  assisting in the library
.  hosting school visitors 
.  helping in the office
.  coordination and making of morning announcements


"Get Every Student Involved" is what we believe.
The strength of the friendships, commitment and trust among staff, students and families is felt the moment you walk into the school.
At Brock we offer opportunities for every student to engage in a variety of activities.
.  Arts programs include:  dance, drama, origami, knitting, Orff, strings and band instruction as well as a vibrant choir.
.  Intermural sports and athletic teams include: co-ed hockey, slo-pitch, basketball, soccer, volleyball, track and field, badminton and floor hockey.
.  Students are also invited to join our reading clubs, eco-club, chess club and drama club.
.  Silver Birch and Blue Spruce
" The diversity of students, provision of specialized programs, support from administration and the exceptional teachers comprise a school like no other. I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to be mentored in such a wonderful school."
                                                                                                       Student Intern


Parent Involvement
- School Council commitment to ECO School certification, Rooftop Garden restoration, providing resources and enrichment for all Brock students
- Parent led workshops eg. Computer Safety and Eco Schools
- Snuugle Up and Read and Poetry Cafe
- Fundraising: raffle, bake sale
- Supporting Curriculum: Book Fairs, Scientists in the School
- Regular School Council Meetings with the provision of childcare and interpreters when needed
- Island School
Community Partnerships
- U of T Chemical Engineering Department
- Upper Canada College Horizons Outreach
- McCormick Community Centre after school student pick up
- Toronto Art Therapy Institute
- Tutoring (Youth to Youth, On Your Mark, Tutors in the School, etc.)
- Student Interns (OISE, Institute of Child Studies, Ryerson)
- Coop Student Program with local high schools
- Inner City Angels Arts Program