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Alvin Curling Public School's Mission Statement

We are a newer TDSB school, showcasing an architectural design with many contemporary features. Nestled in the scenic Rouge Valley, our school was crafted with a focus on energy conservation. Wi-Fi accessibility and innovative learning spaces throughout creates a one of a kind learning environment.  Highlights of our school include: a beautiful library with a media learning centre, a science lab for exploration, a music studio, an arts suite, and a double gymnasium. 
Our school serves a diverse population of 530 students.  Our staff bring a wide range of teaching experiences. We are committed to supporting the needs of all students - academically, socially, emotionally, and to help them grow as responsible citizens. 


Literacy and Numeracy in the 21st Century

Our school endeavours to provide students with competencies to be successful citizens.  We offer comprehensive literacy and numeracy programs that address a variety of student learning styles.  By differentiating our instruction we aim to provide personalized and inclusive instruction.  We utilize digital technologies (e-texts, interactive whiteboards, digital media) to connect our students with the global community and provide them with an engaging curriculum. We are preparing children for a world of opportunities that have not yet been defined. It is through inquiry that students will learn to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

More Information About Alvin Curling Public School

Science and Technology

Our science lab and technology pod are ideal spaces for students to investigate, explore, build and experiment. Our teachers employ an inquiry-based learning approach to cover the "Big Ideas" of the curriculum.  We guide students through purposeful, hands-on tasks that allow them to demonstrate and refine their problem-solving, creative thinking and communication skills.

Student Leadership

Student leadership and community service are an important part of a child's education. We offer opportunities for our students to be locally and globally conscious (Student Ambassadors, Office Helpers, Grade 8 Leadership, Technology/AV Crew, Eco team, Safety Patrollers, Library Helpers). We hope these experiences help our students inspire the world of tomorrow. 


We strive to integrate the Arts into the daily curriculum as well as to provide engaging extra-curricular activities such as the Intermediate Band and various choir ensembles. The Music program offers skill development on Orff instruments, the recorder, hand bells and African drumming. The Arts are also woven into school assemblies and special events.


In order to inspire and motivate our students, we provide an array of athletic teams and activities. House league sports give a chance for every student to participate in co-operative games to increase fitness and health while having fun. Junior and Intermediate students also enjoy tournament and league play with surrounding schools!

Additional Features

  • Hillside/Kearney Outdoor Education
  • Aisling Discoveries Partnership
  • Toronto Public Health Partnership
  • Toronto Police Safety Patrollers
  • Toronto Public Library Partner
  • Friends of the Rouge Partnership
  • YMCA Childcare Centre

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Alvin Curling Public School we strongly believe in working with students to develop both their academic and social skills. To support this belief, our students are offered a wide variety of activities that challenge them academically, physically and help establish a sense of self and belonging. An example of such activities include a variety of sports teams, junior and intermediate choirs, chess and guitar clubs, leadership team, homework help, along with math, art and yoga clubs. These are just a small sample of an extensive and adaptable learning environment that the students of Alvin Curling can experience. As always the unique needs of our students are central to the programs offered. This allows for creative flexibility, often leading to the creation of enjoyable and dynamic clubs and programs!


Minimizing Our Ecological Footprint
We are proud of the 21st century design of our building and our proximity to the beautiful Rouge Valley and the world class Toronto Zoo. Environmentally responsible design elements and technological capabilities create a welcoming space for all who learn and support children at our school. Our motivated staff is committed to developing environmentally responsible students, with parents as our partners. One small action from each of us can make a difference to our environment! Our school emphasizes the importance of global citizenship through our boomerang and litterless lunches and reducing the amount of paper we use. As a newer school situated on the Rouge Valley, we are inspired by our surroundings to promote environmental and social responsibility. This ecological commitment to our students and community helps contribute to a healthy, safe, caring and inclusive school environment.  We are proud of our "GOLD" eco-school certification as a result of our environmental consciousness.   


An excellent way for parents to get involved in their child’s education is by joining our School Advisory Council (SAC). The SAC is made up of a group of elected parents, administration, and teachers. This supportive committee makes recommendations to the administration on a variety of issues related to student achievement, school budget priorities, student safety, staffing and helps plan fundraising events and special activities at our school. We have a very dedicated SAC that meets once a month. All parents are invited to attend our monthly meetings and encouraged to contribute to the discussions. Our school has established a partnership with Aisling Discoveries and Toronto Public Health. Over the course of this school year, there will be opportunities for parents to meet and learn about various parenting trends, strategies and support services.