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Brookside Public School's Mission Statement

Brookside Public School is located in the northeast part of Scarborough and opened its doors in September 2007 to over 750 students from JK to Grade 8. It achieved "LEED (Leadership in Energy Environmental Design) Gold" certification, and is the TDSB's most sustainable school.  To attain this level, all aspects of interior and exterior design and construction adhered to strict LEED rating system requirements. We are a mandatory uniform school and our goals are inspired by our commitment to excellence and facilitating student success. We value and work with our community in order to assist students in achieving high academic and personal goals, as well as becoming life-long learners.

At Brookside, we strive to foster the love of learning and encourage our students to nurture their own curiosity by providing an environment that ensures opportunities for student success, in all areas of the academic program.
We have a qualified, experienced, and caring staff who are committed to preparing our students to meet the challenges of a constantly changing world. In partnership with our community, we strive to promote the development of a positive self-image and respect for others. This year, we will focus school improvement in the areas of  numeracy, literacy, technology integration, and well-being.
 Knowledge ~ Attitude ~ Respect
"Learning and Growing Together"

Student Achievement

At Brookside, our goals are inspired by our commitment to excellence and facililtating improved student success.  We provide a rich program which is culturally responsive and with high academic rigor. We demonstrate this in many ways, including: Employing the Early Intervention Strategy for at-risk students, using assessment / evaluation data from various sources to inform teaching, undergoing school self-assessments to determine our programming needs, creating and implementing school improvement plans for student success, and facilitating on-going Professional Learning Communities for staff.

More Information About Brookside Public School


Our goal at Brookside is to cultivate well rounded and grounded students! We involve out students in many aspects of leadership.  These include: Kindergarten Assistants, Global Citizens, Office Helpers, Student Announcers, and Student Council.

Arts Programs

We value the Arts and we offer a variety of co-curricular programs including Dance and Music.  For example: Primary Folk Dancing, Junior and Intermediate Dance Club, Primary, Junior, and Senior Choirs. 

Athletic Teams

At Brookside, we have many on-going sports activities.  These include: Badminton, Basketball, Cross-Country,  Soccer, Cricket, Track and Field, Ultimate Frisbee and Volleyball.

"Quotes" from Kids

Ashwin: I love Brookside because we all get to to learn. Ahalya: I love Brookside because everyone is so nice here. Asha : I learn new things every day! Aarathi: I love Girl's Club becuase I have fun and makes me feel special!

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Brookside, student pride starts when they enter this building! High behavioural and academic expectations are set by staff for our students and reinforced on a daily basis.  Staff are heavily involved in Professional Learning Teams to enhance student academics and ensure that our students receive the best possible academic program.
The Brookside students proudly wear school uniforms and take part in assemblies to share and celebrate achievement in all areas of school life. Staff also work hard to ensure that the concept of "life-long learning" is integrated into all aspects of daily student work.


Brookside is a positive, safe, welcoming, fun, and inviting school where both children and staff delight in coming to school, and where all are equally accepted with mutual respect and deep appreciation for our diversity. As such, our differences are recognized and celebrated. Brookside provides activities that foster leadership, school spirit, and ownership.  We strive to be a community of learners and leaders, working together to promote self-esteem, motivation, and excellence.  It is a place where all students have opportunities for intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth, and where caregivers are valued partners in laying the foundation for life-long learning.  We believe it is imperative to foster the love of learning and encourage our students to nurture their own curiosity. We provide an environment that ensures opportunities for student success in all areas of the academic program.


Co-operative education links with local secondary schools - Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Centre - Family Day Childcare Centre is attached to the school - Guest speakers - Toronto Police Services (42 Division Safety Curriculum) - Local business support of fundraising to enhance school initiatives - Active School Council - Parent volunteers who assist in classrooms, the library, at events, and on class trips - School-community events (e.g., Terry Fox walk, food drive, book fair, etc.) - Curriculum Night - High school information session for Grade 8 parents - Family Nights (e.g., literacy, Toronto Schools on the Move)