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Thomas L Wells Public School's Mission Statement

Thomas L. Wells P.S serves a large multicultural community.  We value the diversity of our students and community and offer an inclusive curriculum, addressing the many needs of our students. Our 600 students strive for high academic achievement and value our safe and caring school environment. Our student created motto, "Where all students reach the stars" reflects our philosophy. We are proud of the achievement of  students and our rich cultural diversity.

School Focus

Our commitment is:
* Improving student achievement in all areas of the curriculum with an emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy
* Ongoing learning for staff through professional learning communities
* Continuing to deliver a curriculum in a manner that supports the development of positive social skills
* Recognizing student achievement through character development at monthly assemblies
* Building strong environmental awareness through our ECO school intitiatives
* The ongoing partnership with our parent community through our School Council
* Continuing to work with our community partners

More Information About Thomas L Wells Public School


Our goal is to have all students achieving at the provincial standard.  We will focus our efforts to help move students to achieve at an even higher level.  Some of the strategies we will use include: encouraging higher-order thinking skills (e.g. reasoning and analysing); providing students with learning goals, success criteria and descriptive feedback.


We support and encourage our students' understanding and love of math through not only a solid foundation of numeric operations but an inquiry-based approach that focuses on problem solving and the communication and demonstration of thinking so students have an understanding of the importance of math.  This is an area of focus for teachers' professional development.


Our goal is to ensure that all students are reading at or above the provincial standard indicated for their grade, with a particular emphasis on our youngest students.  Some of the strategies and actions we use are: early identification and intervention where necessary, guided reading groups and the differentiation of instruction.   

Community, Culture and Caring

Student safety is our priority.  We have established and promote an inclusive and respectful environment in the school and each classroom.  We embed character education into the curriculum and students with opportunities for involvement and leadership. We also support our larger community through food drives and fundraising efforts.

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Thomas L. Wells P.S, students are involved in a wide variety of co-curricular activities.  There is something for everyone, depending on your interests.  Sports teams often include bordenball, badminton, cross-country, volleyball, track and field and soccer.  Our "Nighthawks" always represent our school proudly. Both boys and girls are encouraged to participate.  Our teachers have also offered folk dance, yoga, chess, math and reading clubs. We encourage student leadership in the areas of activism, student council and athletics. Our very active student council takes on initiatives that include organizing school spirit days, fundraising for world issues and school trips.  Our dedicated environment club works hard to promote recycling and to educate other students about the environment. Students can also participate in the band, art enrichment club, arts showcases, drama presentations and the monthly character development assemblies.


Thomas L. Wells P.S. is a unique, one-of-a-kind building.  Our warm and welcoming environment, enhanced by the use of large windows, creates a bright space for all who learn and support students here.  The motivated staff offer a wide-range of co-curricular activities that helps promote our positive school spirit.  A major focus for us is the environment.  Our school strives to be as ECO-friendly as possible as we build our knowledge of ecological literacy and responsibility. Our diverse community has a wonderful mix of cultures.  We learn about our diversity and teach about equity and respect for all as part of our character education.  We focus not only on the academic needs of our students, but on their emotional and physical needs as well. We strive to make the learning visible through both academics and the arts.


At Thomas L. Wells P.S. we partner with many groups and organizations in a variety of ways.  For example you might find the following happening here:
* International Languages program after school
* Ongoing Permit use of the school most evenings
* Use of community resources e.g. Malvern Library
* The Malvern Family Resource Centre After School Program
* The Early Years Program that supports parents and students as they prepare to enter kindergarten
* Student teacher candidates from a number of universities
* Toronto Public Health
* Toronto Police Services
* An active School Council
* Family Nights e.g. numeracy and literacy