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Woburn Junior Public School's Mission Statement

The original Woburn Public School (S.S.#6) was built on Markham Road just north of Ellesmere in 1844. It was replaced in 1863 by a one-room brick structure. This school closed in 1956 and was later demolished.

The present day Woburn Junior Public School opened in September 1964 with a student population of 200. It now serves a diverse multicultural community with many students speaking Gujarati or Tamil as their first language.

Woburn Junior Public School is a Model School with a population of approximately 390 students.

Outstanding Staff

With a strong focus on student achievement and focused instruction, the staff at Woburn JPS are actively involved in professional learning communities and the teaching, learning critical pathway. The staff receive professional development in a variety of curricular areas to enhance student achievement. The focus on effective instruction, assessment/evaluation and differentiated instruction have contributed to the increase in percentages on the Grade 3 and 6 EQAO assessment in language and mathematics.

More Information About Woburn Junior Public School

Ministry Priority List School

Woburn JPS has been designated a Ministry Priority List School. This means that organizations within our community are able to access the school after hours for facility space with funding considerations.

International Languages Site

Woburn JPS is an International Languages Site on Friday evenings. The languages of instruction are Tamil and Gujarati.

TDSB Parenting Centre

Woburn JPS hosts one of the busiest Parenting Centres in the Toronto District School Board. It is a fabulous environment in which caregivers can learn a variety of strategies to prepare their youngsters for school.

Itinerant Band and Orff Instruction

Select Grade 5 and 6 students receive instrumental music instruction on a weekly basis. Band performances occur twice annually.

Additional Features

  • Partnership with Leacock Foundation
  • Teachers with Technology Expertise
  • Partnership with Woburn C.I.
  • High ESL Population

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students have an opportunity to become actively involved in a variety of Extracurricular activities. These include sports, technology, and library initiatives. The students at Woburn JPS also receive a healthy snack once a day funded by the Toronto Foundation for Student Success.


 Our entire school population is involved in recycling various items; paper, plastic, etc as well as energy conservation.


Woburn JPS has a variety of opportunities for our community to contribute to our school. We host a number of community volunteers, co-op students and teacher candidates who assist in a variety of school programs. In addition, we have a number of partnerships with community/social agencies: Aisling/Discoveries. Woburn JPS has established a partnership with the Settlement and Education in Toronto. Our parents are supported by Selvi Thiruchelvam who is our settlement worker. Mrs. Thiruchelvam supports families who are new to Canada by providing them with resources and support. Mrs. Thiruchelvam also presents workshops on nutrition, employment, education and parenting.