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Willow Park Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Willow Park Junior Public School is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6  community school that opened in 1964 and is located south of Lawrence Avenue between Orton Park Road and Scarborough Golf Club Road. The student population is a diverse representation of many experiences and cultures. One of our most noted traditions at Willow Park is our devotion to social responsibility. The students of Willow Park take great pride in being activists in both local and global issues.  At our monthly assemblies, we recognize excellence in academic achievement and social skills. Our school produces a weekly calendar that highlights important dates, policies, procedures and routines that parents and students use for reference.

Each member of the Willow Park family - community, home, school - strives to provide a safe, nurturing learning environment where students are encouraged to reach their academic, social and personal potential. Willow Park continues to strengthen the partnership between parents and the community. Parents volunteer in classrooms, serve in school communities and on the School Advisory Council.  Our EarlyOn Centre promotes early literacy development, parent engagement and school readiness. 

Our Commitment

Each member of the Willow Park family - community, home, school -  strives to provide a safe, nurturing learning environment where students are encouraged to reach their academic, social and personal potential. Students are given opportunities to take part in authentic real life lessons and learn to be responsible students striving to do their best. Teachers take part in Professional Learning Communities to ensure that they understand the meaning and scope of the Ontario curriculum, and consequently develop effective lessons. Together, as the Willow Park family, we ensure that students' needs are being met.

More Information About Willow Park Junior Public School

Community Involvement

Willow Park Jr. P.S. is a centre of learning and hope for its families and community. The diverse learning needs of children and youth are met by incorporating a comprehensive range of effective educational practices and community partnerships with  the EarlyON Centre, The Reading Partnership, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto and the Toronto Public Library.

As the hub for the delivery of an array of services and supports, we have the potential to use collaborative approaches to achieve learning excellence and well-being for the entire community.

Co-Curricular Activities

Students and teachers at Willow Park engage in the following and more: Concerts and Performances, Choir, Excursions, Band, Competitive Teams, Eco Team, Robotics, Library Assistants, Book Club, Boys' Reading Club, Girls' Club, Student Council and the Student Announcement Crew.

Our Students

Junior Kindergarten - Grade 3:  217,  Grade 4 - Grade 6:  132      Total number of students: 349                                                  Gender: Female 160 (45%),  Male 189 (55%)                         Primary language other than English: 145 (42%)                      Students living in Canada 5 years or less: 39 (11%)

Nutrition Program

Willow Park, in collaboration with the Toronto Foundation for Student Success (TFSS), offers students a nutritious snack in the morning, the option of a hot meal at breakfast and lunch and a nutritious snack in the afternoon. All meals/snacks offered are in accordance with Canada's Food Guide.

Additional Features

  • EMPOWER Literacy Program
  • Book Fairs
  • Early Reading Intervention
  • School Advisory Council (SAC)
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto
  • Future Possibilities for Kids
  • Character Education and Development
  • Extended Day Program

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students and staff are eager to commence the learning day long before the entry bell rings. Students come into the library to find the latest new chapter books or to find a quiet place to read. Meanwhile, teachers may be taking part in a professional learning opportunity provided by one of our own staff members. Once the bell rings to start off the school day, students eagerly come through the doors ready to learn. Staff are committed to providing students with programmes that engage our students in meaningful learning activities. A healthy snack is offered to students in the morning and the afternoon. The lunch hour is a lively and active time for both students and staff. Students and staff may purchase a hot nutritious lunch and then take part in various co-curricular activities. Staff can also be found leading School Improvement Meetings or workshops. The afternoon provides students with further opportunities to develop their academic skills. 


Willow Park Junior Public School has the distinction of being credited with providing a range of resources and hosting a variety of programmes which cater to the whole development of our students and engage our community as partners. As part of the Model Schools for Inner Cities Program (MSIC), Willow Park has been and continues to be the hub of the community. Our school is pleased to have the following programmes and resources available:
EarlyON Centre, MSIC Programs, Nutrition Program/ Community Kitchen, Vision and Hearing Clinics, Future Possibilities for Kids, Curriculum Leaders and Coaches, Roots of Empathy, Toronto Public Health, Parks and Recreation Programs, Scientists in School, excursions to the ZOO, Science Centre, ROM, City Hall, Provincial Parliament, Pioneer Village, monthly student recognition assemblies, local and global fundraising initiatives, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto and The Reading Partnership. 


Parent Engagement:    
Literacy and Math Nights, Community Barbeque, Curriculum/Meet the Teacher Night, New Parent Information Sessions, Workshops by Toronto Public Health, PRO (Parents Reaching Out) Grant, Welcome to Kindergarten, EQAO Parent Night, Parent Volunteers (in the library, classroom, excursions, nutrition program), EarlyON Centre, School Advisory Council, SEAC, PIAC, "Tea and Chat" with the Principal and CSW (Community Support Worker)
Community Involvement:
Toronto Parks and Recreation, Toronto Public Health, Aisling Discoveries, Daycares - Future Stars, Sandbox Day Care Centre, Toronto Public Library, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto, Paediatric Clinic, The Reading Partnership