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Wexford Public School's Mission Statement

Wexford Public School is located on the west side of Pharmacy Avenue, south of Lawrence Avenue, in the Wexford community. The present school opened in the 1951-52 school year.
The school serves over 385 students representing 30 different language groups. In addition to our regular programs, we continue to offer English as a Second Language, Home School, Community Based Resource and Deaf and Hard of Hearing programs. We welcome a newly developed pre-kindergarten Deaf and Hard of Hearing program to our community of learners.

Wexford Public School is a site-accessible school for physically challenged students. We also have a Family Day daycare at our location with before and after school program.


Model Schools for Inner Cities Program

The Model Schools for Inner Cities Program is a key strategy intended to support schools to improve student achievement and strengthen parent engagement. In 2011-2012, Wexford Public School was selected to become part of this innovative program. Through the Model Schools program, our teachers have had access to highly-motivating units of study and have regularly engaged in professional dialogue and co-teaching to help students achieve their maximum potential. As a result of our continued commitment, our students have made significant achievement gains in the annual EQAO assessments.  

More Information About Wexford Public School


Wexford P.S. is proud to be a Gold level Ecoschool and to be one of the first schools in the area to go from a 2 bin/ week garbage collection to a 1 bin/ week. This year we are participating in a de-lamping program and the development of an outdoor ecoclassroom. Everyone is doing their part to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Outside the Classroom

Wexford P.S. is pleased to offer a variety of co-curricular activities before, during and after school. Whether it be in sports, arts, or other creative activities, students are encouraged to discover their interests and hidden talents. 

Community Partners

Wexford Public School benefits from a partnership with 'A Child's Place Daycare'. We also have a very supportive and active Parent Council. Our students give back as community partners, raising money for local and international charities and participating in an annual food and clothing drive. 

Learning Resource Centre

Wexford’s library is a small space with a big heart! Weekly student book borrowing, co-curricular reading clubs, and literacy and research lessons with our Librarian help support students’ classroom learning and develop a love and respect for books. The library also hosts an annual book fair and provides materials to staff to support lessons in a variety of subjects.

Additional Features

  • Safe Arrival Program
  • Vocal and Instrumental Music
  • Settlement Worker
  • Houseleague
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Programs

Student Life - Where You Belong


From 'Welcome to Kindergarten' through to Grade 8 Graduation, students at Wexford P.S. are involved in all aspects of school life. Equity, inclusion, safety and fun are the cornerstones of activity at our school.


Wexford P.S. is a blend between the old and the new. We have a community of learners that includes the grandchildren of former students along with families who are arriving in Canada for the first time. In our school we strive to make everyone feel welcome and valued.


- Community representation on School Council
- Settlement Worker for New Canadians
- Partnership with A Child's Place Daycare Centre
- Ball diamonds permitted to local leagues/ teams for weekend/ evening practices
- Active and involved School Council
- Parent Fundraising Committee
- Site-based committees in partnership with staff
- School's library and classrooms assisted by parent volunteers
- Community bulletin board outside the school office, with information for parents
- Snuggle-up and read program 
- Family math and literacy evenings