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Taylor Creek Public School's Mission Statement

Built in 1952, Taylor Creek Public School has a long history of providing excellent programs to a well-established community. The school is located on Taylor Creek, south of St. Clair Avenue and north of Danforth Road. The neighbourhood surrounding our school is home to a very diverse population.

Our school was renamed on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 after collaboration with our students, parents, staff,  trustee, and community members. The name Taylor Creek is more reflective of our community’s commitment to achievement, equity, and the environment.  

The school serves 417 pupils.  We continue to strengthen our partnership and collaborate with our on site Warden Woods Satellite day care and Parent Family Literacy Centre.

Rotary at Taylor Creek

Our grade 5 - 8 students at Taylor Creek.  Every morning, students rotate between specialist teachers in the areas of the arts, phys. ed. and health, social studies and sciences, and French.  Our students are greatly benefitting from this specialized teaching and assessment in these areas. 

More Information About Taylor Creek Public School

Homework Club At Lunch

To support our students academically, we are running homework club at lunch every day in the library. Students from grade 1 – 8 are welcome to come to the library from 11:30 – 12:00 with work, studying, or a book. They are supported and supervised by our amazing staff.

Mentoring at Taylor Creek

We have an active mentoring group. Students from kindergarten to grade 3 are matched with students from grades 4 - 8, and have opportunities in both formal and informal settings to work together. Our students benefit from this leadership opportunity as they actively participate in many activities that supports our caring school community.

Eco Club at Taylor Creek

We have a strong and thriving Eco Club at Taylor Creek.  Whether we are working in our community garden, planting trees, cleaning the school yard and surrounding areas, or monitoring our electricity and heating use, we are thinking about how to be greener at Taylor Creek. 

As a platinum certified eco-school, we are committed to not only reducing our carbon footprint, but also to raising awareness of waste in society. This year, we are continuing with our ‘boomerang’ lunch. Any waste products which are produced by your child’s lunch are to go home with your child in your lunch bag.  We are hoping to see more Tupperware and thermoses, and fewer single serving food items, from which the wraps and plastic end up in landfills. We have found that when children are responsible for bringing home this waste, they become more thoughtful about how to prepare their lunches.

Special Education at Taylor Creek

We are working with our whole staff to ensure that students with diverse academic needs are supported at Taylor Creek.  We have primary resource to support our youngest students' work in literacy, as well as a primary, junior and intermediate home school program, where students receive a modified and accelerated program in both literacy and numeracy in a smaller setting. 


Student Life - Where You Belong


Taylor Creek has an active Change-Makers program run by students.  They are involved in a  number of community outreach fundraising activities.  In collaboration with the teacher leaders, the Student Council members are constantly seeking ways to improve and add excitement to students lives at school, and being responsible citizens through a social justice lens.


Taylor Creek Public School houses many community partners, all in an attempt to provide as many opportunities for our students to achieve balance.  Academics, social, emotional, physical, recreational - all form the total student.


- Centennial College Co-op Students from Early Childhood Education Program, Developmental Worker Program,  Faculties Education - Co-op programming through local high schools - Partnerships with Warden Woods Community Centre, Urban Promise,  - - Active Taylor Creek School Council - Training and support to our community through large in-school volunteer programs - Parenting programs offered through community agencies - Community Support Worker - to work with parent community to bridge communication between the school and home.