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Vradenburg Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Vradenburg Junior Public School opened its doors in 1955. The school was named after the Vradenburg family, the original settlers of the land on which the school is located.
The school has achieved a reputation for providing a well-balanced program, both curricular and extra-curricular. The school serves approximately 300 students and is proud to be known as a community school.
Vradenburg Jr. P. S. has a longstanding tradition of parental and community involvement, as many of the residents were once Vradenburg students.

Vradenburg Jr. P. S. is located in a well-established neighbourhood and its population reflects the rich and diverse cultural mosaic of Toronto.
The hallways of the school are lined with a variety of pictures and memorabilia that span the five decades since the school was opened. We have a well-equipped computer lab and library resource centre. All of our classrooms are networked and have Internet access. In addition to the regular program, the school is home to the Vradenburg Child Care Centre and the Strides Centre, which is a Primary Day Treatment Program for children ages 8 to 10 years.

High Academic Standards

At Vradenburg JPS, we honor the TDSB's Multi-Year Strategic Plan as we support student achievement and well-being. Our dedicated staff members work collaboratively in Professional Learning Teams to offer excellent academic programming and to inspire students toward life-long learning.  We continue to focus on building and improving our literacy and numeracy skills, as well as the Global Competencies' 4C's - creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking - to become global citizens.

More Information About Vradenburg Junior Public School

Character Development

At Vradenburg JPS, we maintain a positive, safe and inclusive environment - a home away from home where all students belong.  We follow the TDSB's Build Character/Build Success strategies and come together for assemblies each month to acknowledge and celebrate the successes within our school community. 

The Arts

Vradenburg has had a rich tradition in the Arts.  We look forward to once again enjoying choirs, band and drama presentations - by our students and for our students - since we know many of our students will continue to pursue the Arts as they graduate to middle school.  

Athletics and Intramural Programs

A healthy, active lifestyle is important to us at Vradenburg and, historically, we have had many teams participating in TDESAA sports. We look forward to reviving extracurricular and intramural sports programs that will promote cooperation, teamwork and health & wellness!


At Vradenburg JPS, students are developing their technology skills every day.  The school has a well-equipped computer lab and library resource centre, as well as chrome books in mobile carts for student use.  Staff work collaboratively to provide students with meaningful experiences in Media Literacy.

Additional Features

  • Dedicated and motivated staff
  • Essential Skills Programming
  • Certified Eco-School (Silver)
  • Scientists in the School
  • Music Itinerant Teachers
  • International Languages Program
  • Vradenburg Child Care Centre
  • Strides Centre

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Vradenburg we build leadership capacity amongst our students by providing them with many leadership opportunities at the school.  Groups of students participate in different types of leadership training.  These include the Vradenburg Athletic Association (VAA). The VAA assist in the organization and running of different Intramural events such as cooperative games, the Grade 1 Winter Olympics and Play Day.  We are also involved with the Licensed to Learn Peer Tutoring initiative.  In addition, our Boyz to Men group are given many opportunities to display their leadership skills.  Vradenburg JPS students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities.  Our staff provide many opportunities for students to play on school teams, join a wide variety of clubs and perform in the arts.  We also ensure that students are able to view professional dramatic and musical presentations.  Each class gets the opportunity to participate in at least one excursion that enhances their educational experiences. 


Vradenburg JPS is a "community school", as the majority of our students live in the neighbourhood.  The school is located in a well-established neighbourhood and the student population reflects the rich and diverse cultural mosaic of Toronto.  Staff and parents have very high standards for academics, the arts, athletics and character development.  Students are provided with many opportunities to enrich their educational experiences. Vradenburg JPS is also home to the Aisling Discoveries Centre, which is a Primary Day Treatment Program for children 6 to 8 years of age.  As part of our Essential Skills units, parent and community volunteers visit classrooms to discuss their occupations with the students.  We continue to offer International Language programs in Simplified Mandarin and Tamil on Thursday evenings through the TDSB's Continuing Education Department.  We also have a very positive and collaborative partnership with the Vradenburg Child Care Centre.


Vradenburg JPS has a longstanding tradition of parental and community involvement, as many of the residents were once Vradenburg students.  The school has served the community for close to six decades.  There is also a great deal of support from local residents. Our school also serves as a venue for many permits that cater to local community needs. Charities that are supported by the school include the Canadian Cancer Society, Agincourt Community Services, Unicef, and the Terry Fox Foundation  Many of our parents volunteer in classrooms, assist with a variety of school activities, sponsor the Community B.B.Q. and support special purchases and programs at the school level.  The positive collaborative partnership with parents and families promotes the success of all students.