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Scarborough Village Public School's Mission Statement

Our School Vision
SVAPS is a school where each person is accepted and valued for who they are and are inspired to learn the best way they can.  Our goal is to create a safe, positive educational experience with high expectations using a wealth of exciting personal, social and academic opportunities designed to prepare students to participate effectively in their world.  We strive to provide a physically, emotionally and socially safe environment encouraging self-advocacy, community involvement, critical thinking and an active sense of responsibility.  All members of our school community are important members of our team and have a voice. 

Scarborough Village Alternative PS, in a new building on a site that has housed a school since the 1840's, combines two innovative programs rich in history and tradition. The only elementary alternative program in the former Scarborough Board of Education was founded in 1972. The program for students with developmental disabilities moved here in the fall of 1998. Our unique integrated and inclusive model gives students opportunities to grow together and meet the needs of a wide variety of children. In 2004, students with Physical Disabilities joined our team. We pride ourselves on a school culture based on inclusivity and strong partnerships with all stakeholders.

Scarborough Village - An Alternative Experience

In 1972 a group of parents approached the Scarborough Board of Education seeking an alternative learning experience for their children.  The following are the founding philosophies:
-student leadership
-parental involvement is expected and encouraged
-students work in multi-aged cooperative groups
-a strong emphasis is placed on personal and social responsibility
-students understand their needs and learn to be their own advocates
-non-competitive learning environment


More Information About Scarborough Village Public School

NYAD - Not Your Average Daycare

Not Your Average Daycare (NYAD) has been a partner in this school for almost 25 years. NYAD is a not-for profit organization committed to the delivery of child and family-centred licensed childcare services.

To contact for further information, please call 416-261-4815 or email


The NYAD community values childcare programs and practises that:
-are child and family centred
-employ trained and experienced staff
-honour diversity
-are accountable
-are ethical, respectful and responsive
-promote partnerships and shared responsibilities

Multiple Intelligence and Leadership Program

The M.I.LEAD acronym stands for "Multiple Intelligences and Personal LEADership."  The program is designed to promote differentiated instruction as well as the achievement of students at the junior-intermediate levels.  

M.I.LEAD is a powerful and straightforward initiative which promotes self-awareness (through the exploration of multiple intelligences) as well as self-advocacy skills (through leadership training). Combined, the factors referenced above have enabled students to demonstrate their abilities and rise to their full potential. M.I.LEAD has been designed as a means to achieve.

Snoezelen Room - A Multi-Sensory Environment

SVAPS is extremely fortunate to have a Snoezelen room to support the Developmentally Disabled programs. A Snoezelen Multi Sensory Environment incorporates a specialized selection of sensory equipment to help students adapt their responses to sensory stimulation and to help meet specific educational goals.

This environment allows students to enjoy a wide range of sensory experiences that enhance learning and relaxation. Students interact freely with the equipment and are able to be involved in determining the level of sensory stimuli.

Student Involvement

At Scarborough Village, all stakeholders have a voice.  Students are expected and encouraged to take leadership roles in the school improvement process.  They actively lead and are strong members of the Environmental and Safe and Caring Schools Committees.  Their contributions create a positive school-wide change!

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students are encouraged to take on a leadership role and get involved!  A great emphasis is placed on personal and social responsibility.  Students enjoy a variety of clubs and extra curricular activities which can vary from year to year based on student feedback.  Some of the ways students can get involved this year are:  Robotics, Me to We, Boys to Men, Young Women on the Move, Stars R Us, intramural sports, basketball club, French club, MusIQ, and library leaders.


We are a unique school.  With the bringing together of 3 wonderful programs (Alternative, Developmentally Disabled and Physically Disabled) students, staff and parents learn acceptance and understanding.  Everything we plan considers all involved and inclusivity is the name of the game.  We make sure everyone feels welcome, valued and part of the village family!


At Scarborough Village we have a large and active School Council.  Parents are encouraged and expected to assist in all aspects of the school: classrooms, excursions, extra curricular, community events.
Parents are valued members of school planning, improvement and review committees.  They organize our annual Fall Fair, run our "Food For Thought" daily morning meal program for our students, assist with special event lunches and enjoy being actively involved in their child's education on a regular basis.