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Sir Samuel B Steele Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Sir Samuel B. Steele Junior Public School is located between Pharmacy and Warden just north of McNicoll. The school first opened in 1979 and was expanded in 1995, creating eight new classrooms, a computer lab, a music room and a second gymnasium. The school serves over 345 students representing approximately 30 different language groups. Sir Samuel B. Steele offers an English program, Kindergarten to Grade 6; an Extended French program from Grade 4 to Grade 6; one Developmental Disability class, Grades 1 - 6, one Full Day Diagnostic Kindergarten class, for both Junior and Senior Kindergarten students.

 Mission Statement: Students attending Sir Samuel B. Steele Junior Public School strive for excellence in all their academic, athletic, artistic and extra curricular pursuits. Our mission is to encourage pupils to develop to their potential in a multicultural environment as they become Canadian citizens. Our school motto, "Steele tough - mentally, morally and physically" reflects the unique life of Sir Samuel Benfield Steele.
Code of Behaviour: We support the Toronto District School Board's Safe and Caring Schools policies and guidelines through announcements, assemblies and curricular integration. Our staff is committed to the use of strategies to avoid conflict and promote peace and understanding within the student and staff population.

Student Leadership Programs

We develop student leadership skills through various programs, such as, Captains, Guardian Angels, Library Pages, Office Assistants, PA Announcers, Peace Keepers and P.A.L.S. There are specific procedures we follow to select each of these leadership roles. For example, Mounties are chosen in June of their 5th Grade year based on a combination of discussion amongst teachers, the group supervisor and input from the children themselves. All Mounties wear a blue sash with the word “Mountie” inscribed on it. They are assigned positions as peer supervisors to escort classes to the gym and sit with them to help maintain order during our assemblies.

Recognition Assemblies are held on a monthly basis for approximately forty-minutes. The purpose of the assembly is primarily to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of students around the school. This is also an opportunity for clubs, teams and various student groups to be recognized. As part of our Arts Based Curriculum initiative teachers take this opportunity to provide students with an audience to share their creations.

More Information About Sir Samuel B Steele Junior Public School

Peace Keepers

Peacekeepers Program is a student leadership program in collaboration with Aisling Discoveries. Students chosen to be Peacekeepers will receive 4 one-hour training sessions in the areas of leadership, communication, problem solving, how to improve the school environment, and taking responsibility for their own actions.


When students at Sam Steele participate in clubs, sport teams or receive special recognition for houseleague, monthly assemblies or academic achievement they will earn a winit sticker or 'Sammy'. In June, every student will receive a certificate to proudly display the 'Sammys' they have accumulated throughout the year.

Character Education

Throughout the year, we will continue to focus on the 10 attributes identified at the TDSB and reinforce them in the classrooms: Respect, Responsibility, Empathy, Kindness and Caring, Teamwork, Fairness, Honesty, Co-operation, Integrity and Perseverance. During recognition assemblies, we recognize students who successfully demonstrate the attribute of the month.

Reading Clubs and Library Pages

At Sam Steele we continue to promote reading for the love of it, such as Boys Reading Club and Silver Birch Reading Club, which involve both students and staff.
The Library Pages are students in Grade 5 who volunteer for this year-long commitment.  Responsibilities include shelving books, book repairs and other duties as assigned by the teacher-librarian.

Additional Features

  • House League
  • Scientists-in School
  • Kilometre Club
  • Speech Arts, English and French
  • Band, Recorder, Orff & Vocal music
  • Poetry Festival
  • Food Drive
  • Chess Club

Student Life - Where You Belong


Each child and teacher in the school is assigned a House (Coyotes, Voyageurs, Great Ones, Huskies, Chiefs) that represents Sam Steele and/or the Klondike. The House one belongs to will change year to year.  Everyone is required to learn their house song, handsign and colour for several spirit days throughout the school year, where students/teachers earn points for their house. The points are accumulated and at the end of the year the House with the most points earns a party (e.g. ice cream, pizza, sprinkler).
Teachers take turns organizing and training the Captains House League activities (ie. indoor/outdoor soccer, primary playstations, beachball volleyball, soccer baseball, Kingscourt). The same activity usually lasts for a term. Depending on the activity students play co-ed or boys vs. boys /girls vs. girls.  Since Captains run the activities, the teacher supervisor is responsible for maintaining safety, keeping the Captains on task and cheering the kids on! We call the students in Grades 4-6 upper House, while the students in grades 1-3 are called Lower House.


At Sir Samuel B. Steele, we have many traditions and excellent programs. The staff and parent community believe that our mission can be achieved most effectively through a curriculum with an arts focus. The arts comprise an important part of our children's education. They are an effective tool for instruction and assessment in all areas. The arts are beneficial in providing for a variety of learning opportunities to meet the many learning styles of our students. Students and staff at Sir Samuel B. Steele strive for excellence in all academic, athletic, artistic and extra curricular pursuits. 
We are a dual track school and the Extended French program starts at Grade 4. Students in the Extended French Program receive 50% of their school day in French.  


We continue to develop community partnerships with Grace Hospital, Toronto Public Library, Fire Department, Toronto Police Department, Toronto Public Health, and Community Outreach Agencies (e.g. Aisling Discoveries).
Every year our school collaborates with Aisling to organize educational topics for students and parents. On Saturdays, our school offers the International Languages Elementary Program, Chinese and Cantonese. This program is designed to give students the opportunity to learn additional languages, other than English and French, and to learn about and appreciate other traditions, customs and cultures.  Our parent volunteers assist in the classrooms, library, computer lab, ESL classes, sporting events, field trips, and observing the traditions of Sam Steele, e.g. fundraising activities to support school priorities.