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St Margaret's Public School's Mission Statement

St. Margaret's Public School was named after a local Anglican Church established in l833, and is located near the intersection of Lawrence Avenue and Galloway Road. The school opened in September of 1972 and serves students from Junior Kindergarten to grade 8. 
St. Margaret's serves a diverse multicultural community.  Approximately 95% of our population live in apartment buildings.  About 20% of our students were born outside Canada, and 40% do not speak English at home.  
With innovative teaching and high expectations we believe all students can learn and make a difference. We endeavour to attain excellence through academics, Character Education, and athletics.
Our Motto is: Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe.

Staffing includes 23 teachers, 2 educational assistants, 2 Special Needs Assistants, 1.0 Office Administrator, 0.5 Secretary, 2.5 Caretakers, 0.5 Vice-Principal and Principal. Our school has a Home School Special Education teacher, Methods and Resource Teacher (MART) and an English as a Second Language teacher. We are also fortunate to have 0.5 Reading Recovery teacher to support our struggling early readers.
St. Margaret's hosts a Parenting & Family Literacy Centre which provides a free program for parents/caregivers and their children ages 0-6 years, Monday through Thursday - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm. Breakfast and Morning Meal Programs are offered daily for a minimal cost to all our students in partnership the Foundation for Student Success.

Regular Instructional Programs

Language – English, English (Second Language), and French (Second Language); STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics; Arts – Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance; Social Studies, Health and Physical Education,

Special Education Programs:
A variety of special education programs and services are offered through the board to meet the needs of all students, including those with exceptionalities, e.g. communication, intellectual, behavioural, physical and multiple learning disabilities. Students’ exceptionalities are identified through a formal review process - Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC).

More Information About St Margaret's Public School


In the area of reading and writing, we will continue to implement the  of book bag programs to foster a love of reading, support our special programs and continue to build on our current literacy initiatives with emphasis on  implementing the components of a "balanced literacy" program. Reading Recovery is offered for struggling learners after Kindergarten.


In the area of Mathematics, we will focus on the following strategies: use of mathematical manipulatives and calculators to further the understanding of concepts in mathematics; focus on "the three-part lesson" and math congress using the problem-solving model; and continue to develop higher order thinking skills through problem solving.

STEAM:  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics is our integrated learning that promotes critical thinking and creative problem solving. As we prepare our children for the new reality of becoming learners in an age when technology will be primary, we need to create a culture that enables innovative thinking.

Roots of Empathy

The Roots of Empathy program works with Grade 5/6 students in their classroom.  Our students will have a visit with a newborn (August) and his mom every three weeks. Students will predict and cheer when their baby reaches the 'developmental milestones of the first year: e.g. (S)he can roll over!”  What a wonderful way to learn about development and empathy first hand.

Recognition and Stewardship

The Future Aces philosophy focuses on the way people feel about themselves and others.  At St. Margaret's Public School, teachers and students focus and celebrate the positive contributions students make to the school and community.  Through ACES awards, teachers recognize and encourage attitudes and actions that are desirable and constructive. 

With our ECO-SCHOOLS initiative, St. Margaret's ahs accomplished a second year of GOLD status. This year our focus is to work collaboratively to achieve PLATINUM Eco Schools status.  We engage our students, leaders (Eco-Kids), staff and community in our efforts to promote ecological, responsible, sustainable efforts.  With our community, we are rising to the occasion of making the world a better place for our students and generations to come, through education.

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students may have available to them a number of different activites during and after school.  Co-Curricular activities often available in the areas of Arts (concerts, band, choir, etc), Athletics - Intramurals and Intermurals (basketball, volleyball, cricket, football etc), Leadership (Office helpers, P.A.L.S., School ambassadors, TSM leaders)  and Curricular Enhancement opportunities (Math Club, Reading clubs, arts and crafts club). For a complete listing of the activities we offer, please visit our website.  Eco-Kids is a club that encompasses students throughout the grades in the promotion of environmental and ecological issues in the school and community.


What makes a great school?  It is the people inside it!  We are fortunate to have terrific students and staff who want the very best.  In addition, we have a number of other programs that are partnered with our school.  Those include a Resident Settlement Worker, East Scarborough Boys and Girls' Club After School Program, links with co-op programs of different high schools and community colleges, collaboration with West Hill and Little Tykes Day Cares, partnership with a number of Universities/ Colleges for their teacher and support staff pre-service programs, community Support Worker from the Model Schools for Inner Cities, East Scarborough Storefront, 'Imani' Mentorship Program in partnership with the University of Toronto.  As well, we have a growing School Council, regular parent volunteers who assist in school library, literacy programs, classroom, school trips, snack and breakfast program, and the 'Blessings in a Backpack' program. 


In the area of Parent and Community Involvement we will focus on the following: continue to use our Newsletters and website to inform our community of events, ensure parents/caregivers are welcome to all school events (including montly Recognition Assemblies), provide in-servicing, parent workshops and presentations with the support of School Council, take advantage of the support of our Community Support Worker and Settlement Worker in engaging the community (including Multillingual Resources), and continue to support the work of the Parent and Family Literacy Centre.  Our PFLC is open to parents/caregivers and children 0-6 years old, Monday through Thursday form 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.  All are welcome to come in and share in circle time, learning and conversation.