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Samuel Hearne Middle School's Mission Statement

We are a community of learners made up of students, teachers, support staff and parents. We serve Junior-Intermediate students in Gr. 5-8.  Our mission is to provide a safe and active learning environment in which our students can develop into contributing members of society. We strive for excellence and set high standards both academically and socially. Everyone is involved in the process of teaching, learning and growing together in this diverse community. We take pride in the academic, athletic, and artistic success of our students. Like our namesake, Samuel Hearne is on a journey to broaden our horizons and explore new opportunities. "Learning is a journey that lasts a lifetime!"

We have benefitted greatly from a significant grant from the 'Love of Reading' foundation which has greatly impacted and supported our eager students!  As well, we are proud to be in partnership with Toronto Public Health to be one of their pilot schools for the 'Into Kids Health' initiative.  Our goal is to always to provide our students with an enhanced and exemplary experience!

Our Belief

We believe that the school has the responsibility of addressing
the social, emotional and academic needs of our students. Students have a right to an education, with an interesting and relevant curriculum, that will provide them with the means to attain a
sustainable future and become valued members of society. Parents and community members have the right to be informed and involved and to share the responsibility of collaborating and contributing to the socialization and education of our students.

Students and staff have a right to a school that is conducive to learning by operating within school policy, by following a meaningful code of behaviour and by maintaining a safe and secure environment. A trusting and respectful relationship between all stakeholders is critical to the learning process. As a result of these beliefs, staff, students, parents and community members developed the following key result areas, general objectives and specific action plans.

More Information About Samuel Hearne Middle School

Model Schools for Inner Cities Initiative

Samuel Hearne has been a member of the Model Schools for Inner Cities Initiative for the past several years. We are clustered with other schools in our area who are also involved in this program. This partnership gives our school a unique opportunity to share ideas and successes with schools that have similar needs as ours.                                        

The Arts at Hearne

We are very proud of the Arts programs we offer at Hearne. Our award winning music program allows our students the ability to develop their playing skills and enhance their appreciation of music as an art form. Through their Visual Art classes students are able to explore and display their creativity through a variety of experiences.                          

Longhorn Athletics

Our HPE program is focussed on educating and encouraging the entire school community to maintain healthy active lifestyles. These opportunities are provided through our Fit for Life program, Healthy Active Living Nights, intra-mural and team sports and DPA activities.                                                                                                    

Specialty Programs

The students at Hearne have the unique opportunity to take part in experiential learning through Design and Technology and Family Studies classes. Both female and male students design and build their own projects using a variety of hand held and power tools. In FS, they learn sewing and cooking skills and create healthy meals within a specified budget.          

Student Life - Where You Belong


Samuel Hearne is an active teaching and learning environment. There are a variety of opportunities available to meet the needs and interests of all our students. Our staff understands the importance of taking an active role in the life of our students outside of the classroom and provide a myriad of artistic, athletic, academic and leadership opportunities for them. Through our active Student Council, clubs, teams, intra-mural sports program, Fit For Life activities, social justice group, homework and catch-up groups, the staff and students at Hearne work together to create a positive climate of trust and respect where each individual has the ability to achieve to their potential.


We believe that our strength lies within each individual in our school. From our caretaking staff to our office and support staff, we all work toward creating a safe and positive learning environment for our community. We work towards providing as many varied learning opportunities for our students as we can. We strive to offer a wide variety of program options taught by program specialists. We believe in the value of experiential learning both within and outside the classroom. Students at Hearne learn by working with hands-on based activities in Science and Technology, Family Studies, Art, Dance and Drama and Music. At Hearne, we work toward providing our students with opportunities to give them a sense of what their strengths and interests are in order for them to gain a broader scope of potential career paths to follow.


We strive to engage our parents and community through a variety of methods. Through School Council, workshops, information sessions and community BBQ's, we encourage them to take an active role in the many programs we offer. We maintain effective partnerships with; OISE, TechSpark, the SEEDS program, Big Sisters, Toronto Police, and both Oakridge and West Scarborough Community Centres. We welcome many outside organizations to present workshops to our students from Junior Achievement,  MAAD, Scientists in the School and Earth Rangers. Our career days and visits by special guests such as NHL player Joel Ward and Olympian Waneek Horn-Miller to instill the importance of staying in school. Mayor John Tory has met with students both at our school and at his office.  Our Settlement Worker is also an important and vital link to assist newcomers to the country, our school and the community.