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Robert Service Senior Public School's Mission Statement

Robert Service Senior Public School serves grade 7 and 8 students. Our small size enables us to create a safe and caring environment conducive to learning. Our students receive a well-planned curriculum in specially equipped rooms, such as science, music, gym and art. Literacy and numeracy continue to be given special attention. Our co-curricular program offers a vast array of clubs and activities including house league and interschool sports, end of year slide show club, safe and caring committee, steel pan, choir and art club. We have a very active ESP leadership group and a student council, whose leadership is appreciated by the staff and students. Our school has been a vital part of our community since 1971.


Meeting our Students' Needs

Robert Service Senior School is dedicated to providing a haven that meets the unique needs of adolescents. We strive to create an environment especially tailored to develop positive academic attitudes and efforts, encourages cooperative and responsible involvement in school life and nurtures students in attaining appropriate values and social skills necessary for their future.

More Information About Robert Service Senior Public School

What our School is Planning for this Year

* We are looking closely at our school data and working on our SIP goals in order to ensure that each child gets the very best support academically and socially.
*  We have started and continue to increase the use the Promethean board, Google Classroom and other technological support to engage students in learning.

* Our school improvement team conducts CASI and/or the Literacy Diagnostic Kit testing in September and April to track student progress in literacy.
* We have a very active library program which includes research and computer skills.
* We are committed to Equity through our hiring practices, programming, support and resources for students.
* Our special needs students have access to our Library Commons Hub/lab to support them academically.

Strong Co-Curricular

Our school offers many co-curricular lunch programs in Visual Arts, Music and sports.  We also have leadership opportunities, competitions, curricular enhancement  and community mentoring activities.

Focus on Assessment

The primary purpose of student assessment is to improve learning. Assessment has the greatest potential to improve learning when it is an integral part of classroom activities. Teachers assess student progress towards achieving the expectations on an ongoing basis by using strategies such as projects, class presentations, portfolios of students work, and tests.

Schools use assessment informtion and information from other sources to make informed decisions for school improvement planning. Schools identify areas of strength, as well as, areas that require improvement. Input is obtained from a variety of sources, such as, student assessments, teacher feedback, parent feedback, and community surveys. In this way, schools monitor, celebrate and improve their efforts in providing a supportive and challenging learning environment for all their students.

Caring Community

ESP, Empowered Student Partnership, is a leadership opportunity for students which also supports our Safe Schools, Bullying prevention and Equity initiatives. We are committed to Equity through our hiring practices, programming, support and resources for students and are very proud of our Library Commons Hub/Lab which supports our students with special needs.

In 2020 the staff and students at Service revised the Unstoppable Youth Leadership Initiative - our motto is...Your Voice.  Your Choice. Inspiring and Empowering.  We are the Change!  As a strong unit, students continue to plan ways to give back to their community:
- Drumming from the Heart Steel Pan program  
- Service Choir
- Service PA Club 

Additional Features

  • Afterschool Homework Club
  • Talent Show
  • Student Activity Council
  • Lunch Program
  • Junior Achievement
  • Various Athletic Teams

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Robert Service Senior PS, students are involved in many extracurricular activities.   Students have regular house league games .  They actively participate in cross country and track and field competitions, as well as, intramurals. Basketball, baseball, slo-pitch, soccer, and volleyball are just some of the sports team students can join.  We also have clubs such as the Girls Club - Authentic Conversations, Boys Club, Equity Club, Environmental Club, and Student Activity Council.  Opportunities for leadership are embedded in these clubs and activities, but to augment that, we also have office helpers, student ambassadors, student announcers, Empowered Student Partnership with our community police liaison, Me to We and Toronto Schools on the Move leaders.  In the second term, the whole school is involved in Speech Arts. Students also participate in the Junior Achievement Program.  Each year, we host  a variety of events to showcase students' special gift in singing, dancing, playing an instrument, drama, and art. The Eco club has also taken the initiative of beautifying the grounds with plants and shrubs.


Every classroom at Robert Service Senior Public School has at least one computer which is linked to the WAN (Wide Area Network). Students can use these computers to access the Internet, their files and browse the resources available in the library from anywhere in the school. Seven classrooms use the interactive Promethean Board for teaching and learning.  Google Classroom and Robotics are just a few of the IT strategies that are being used by our students and teachers to enhance the academic program. In addition, students have daily access to lab top carts.We also have a very active and collaborative library program which includes research skills, computer skills and media studies.


We continue to liase with our community through activities such as,  fundraising, community BBQ and multicultural celebrations. Our school and parents are involved in neighbourhood action groups run by community agencies. Each year we continue to build continuity with our School Council and hold several fundraising events in order to support special programs in our school.  We are also part of the Scarborough Junction, along with Walter Perry, Corvette and Norman Cook schools.